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Software Quality Assurance Engineer Jobs in Japan 2024 (Apply Online)

Software Quality Assurance Engineer Jobs in Japan 2024: Are you a software engineering professional? Want to settle abroad? Software Quality Assurance engineering (QA engineering) is a highly paid and highly demanded profession in Japan because Japan and its neighboring countries (China, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand) are the world leaders in the realm of Software. Japan is a hub of STEM professions (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). So, we can say that software and IT professionals can make an envious career there. There were 2.89 million foreign residents in 2020 (Source: Japan, being a peaceful country, also offers student exchange programs, study visa incentives, etc. to Western, Asian, and African people alike.

Other than white-collar, educated job roles, you can easily find blue-collar, labor, and unskilled jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship. Below are some of the job roles having the maximum number of vacancies for foreigners:

Other highly demanded professions with Visa sponsorship for foreigners:

  1. Farming Jobs.
  2. Software developers/web designers.
  3. Drivers (especially heavy vehicles).
  4. Cleaners/Sanitors
  5. Housekeepers/Room Attendants/Hospitality services.
  6. Factory Jobs.
  7. Pickers/Packers.
  8. Business&Finance professionals.
  9. Construction field workers.
  10. English Language Teachers.
  11. Sales &Customer Services Representatives.
  12. Digital Marketing Professionals.
  13. Cooks/Commercial Chefs.
  14. Receptionists/Hotel Management Staff.
  15. Masons/Welders/Electricians/Plumbers, etc.

Job details:

  • Job title: Software Quality Assurance Engineer/QA engineer
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Experience required: Yes
  • Availaible total jobs: 100 F/M
  • Region: Tokyo, Japan.
  • Free Food: No
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free ticket: No
  • Free Medical: Yes. All medical expenses are covered by the company
  • Free Health Insurance: Yes. 70% by Japanese National Health Insurance
  • Free transportation: Yes
  • Overseas Employment Promoter: Salim Agencies
  • Ad Verified by Bureau of Emigration and Overseas Employment: Yes
  • Job type: Non-Contract

Job Requirements:

As a skilled job role, it requires professional education that is equivalent to Japanese standards and adequate experience. As per the job ad, the following are the basic requirements:

  1. Bachelors or Masters degree.
  2. 2 years experience as a QA engineer.
  3. Good command of business-level English and Japanese.
  4. Sound knowledge of programming languages.
  5. Sound knowledge of automated testing tools, software QA methodologies, and all QA tools and processes.
  6. Experience as a test plans and test cases writer.
  7. Any experience with data security e.g. security testing would be a plus.
  8. Visa documents like criminal records, health records, valid passports, educational documents, etc.

Job Benefits:

  1. Pathway to permanent residence in Japan.
  2. Free Accommodation by company.
  3. Free transport by company.
  4. Free medical coverage by the company.
  5. Permanent employment (not contract basis).
  6. More job opportunities as the Japanese Job market is very vast.

Can I get a good Job in Japan if I don’t know Japanese?

Yes, you can. But, job opportunities or chances are limited besides English teaching. If you know basic to good Japanese, your chances of employment are boosted to another level because you can a good/educated job role anywhere. According to recent trends, here are some of the sectors where you can get a good job not being familiar with the Japanese language:

  1. Real Estate.
  2. Sales and Marketing consultation.
  3. ESL teachers.
  4. Hospitality.
  5. Tourism.
  6. IT and Tech Jobs.
  7. Embassy Jobs.
  8. Study Abroad Staff Jobs.

Best online job search portal for English-speaking jobs in Japan

According to the web search results, is the best online source to find English-speaking Jobs in Japan besides Indeed, LinkedIn, and Glassdoor.

How to search for QA engineer Jobs in Japan with Visa sponsorship?

The method to find QA engineer Jobs in Japan with visa sponsorship is quite easy with a little bit of know-how of how to use online job search portals. Here are some basic steps to try:

  1. First, use Google to get access to all popular and responsive online job search portals. Directly enter the keywords: Quality Assurance Engineer Jobs in Japan for foreigners Quality Assurance Engineer Jobs in Japan with Visa Sponsorship” or “Software Quality Assurance Jobs in Japan”, Quality Assurance Jobs in Japan for foreigners or with Visa Sponsorship”.
  2. Sometimes, searching in more general terms gives you more relevant results. For instance, “Software Jobs in Japan for foreigners with visa sponsorship”, and “Engineering Jobs in Japan for foreigners with visa sponsorship.”
  3. You can also go directly to an online job search portal (like Indeed and Glassdoor) or an E-newspaper and enter your keywords. First, try with specific or narrow search terms. If you don’t find the relevant results, try the general ones.
  4. Upload your CV, and related documents and wait for the reply.

How to Apply?

Besides online job search portals and job-finding websites, all newspapers advertising local and overseas jobs are available online now. Below is the link to one of such job portals where you can find hundreds of employers offering QA engineer jobs with Visa Sponsorship:

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