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Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship

Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship: Let’s go back to the days when George Orwell talked about the ”animal farm.” But this time, for ”career making purposes.” We have brought forward for you Animal Farm Workers Jobs in uk with Visa Sponsorship.” A farm worker is needed for a Pig Farm in Norfolk, Eastern England, UK. The candidate should have basic knowledge of Animal Husbandry. Even only one year of experience is enough. You will get a nice salary, performance bonus, and Visa Sponsorship! Read on below to find more about Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship.

Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship

Details of Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Job Title: Animal Farm Workers/ Pig Farm Workers
  • Job Region: Norfolk, Eastern England, UK
  • Company: Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd
  • Expected Salary: £24k – £30k DOE+ Bonus+ Commission.
  • Knowledge required: No
  • Experience required: 1-2 years
  • Employee Benefits: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

Requirements of Animal Farm Workers Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Previous experience working on a pig farm, or any other animal farm is highly desirable but not compulsory.
  • Basic knowledge of pig husbandry practices (or animal husbandry in general), including feeding, health monitoring, housing, tending, commercial usage, biosecurity, etc.
  • Physical fitness as the job requires lifting, bending, and standing for most of the time.
  • Attention to detail and diagnosis ability of any illness or any other problem in pigs.
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual and excellent teamwork skills as well.
  • Good communication skills and the ability to follow instructions accurately.
  • Flexibility to work on weekends and holidays, or do overtime, as required.
  • A valid driver’s license may be preferred, depending on the farm’s location and requirements.

Job Responsibilities of a Pig Farm Worker/ Animal Farm Worker:

  • Daily animal husbandry and livestock duties like feeding, watering, housing, tending, health monitoring of pigs, and all other measures related to their security.
  • Carry out cleaning tasks like cleaning and disinfecting stys, related equipment, and facilities to maintain high levels of hygiene.
  • Assist with pig breeding, farrowing, and weaning processes.
  • Follow all nationally accepted and implemented rules of animal welfare.
  • Monitor and record pig growth rates, feed consumption, etc, to monitor and record meat production levels.
  • Implement and adhere to vaccination programs and biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of diseases.
  • Maintain appropriate temperature and ventilation, to optimize pig performance and meat production level.
  • Operate and maintain farm machinery and equipment, ensuring they are in good working condition.
  • Carry out general maintenance tasks on the farm, such as repairing fences and maintaining water systems.
  • Collaborate with other fellow workers and Farm Management to ensure efficient farm operations and meet production targets.
  • Selling Pig Products like meat to wholesale supplies and other businesses.

Benefits of Animal Farm Working Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Salary £24k – £30k DOE.
  2. Performance-related Bonus.
  3. Commission.
  4. Many Job opportunities are available in England for Animal/ Pig Farm Workers.
  5. Visa Sponsorship.

How to Apply for Animal Farm Working Jobs in England with Visa Sponsorship?

If you are interested in applying for the position of Pig Farm Worker, please submit your updated CV and a cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications. Roadhogs Recruitment Ltd values diversity and encourages applications from all qualified individuals. While they appreciate all applications, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for further assessment and interviews.

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