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Unskilled Jobs in Austria with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Apply Now)

Many foreigners from Asian countries are trying to get unskilled jobs in Austria, but they are failing to get jobs in Austria because they don’t know how to apply for jobs and how to find active jobs in Austria. Also how to find companies offering visa sponsorship for foreign workers there. That’s why today we have posted all the details about getting jobs in Austria with visa sponsorship in 2024 and also provided you some links where you can apply for unskilled jobs in Austria.

If you don’t have any skills then the unskilled jobs that we will mention in this post below are perfect for you. Because you don’t need a lot of experience and education to get unskilled jobs as a foreigner in Austria. Everything you need is good health and also has no criminal record.

Job Details:

  • Job title: Unskilled jobs
  • Country: Austria
  • Knowledge required: A little bit
  • Experience required: No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes


Unskilled jobs in Austria that offer visa sponsorship can provide foreign workers with several benefits, including:

  • Legal Employment: Visa sponsorship allows foreign workers to work legally in Austria and comply with immigration laws.
  • Path to permanent residence: Some visa sponsorship programs may offer a path to permanent residence in Austria for the foreign worker.
  • Access to social benefits: Foreign workers legally employed in Austria are entitled to the same health care and pension benefits as Austrian citizens.
  • Opportunity to learn German: Working in Austria can provide an opportunity to learn German, which can be beneficial for personal and professional development.
  • Career development prospects: Unskilled jobs can provide an entry point into the Austrian labor market and provide opportunities for future career development.

Average Salary

Average salaries in Austria vary by industry, location, and the worker’s qualifications and experience. But, the average gross salary for full-time employees in Austria was €1035 per month.

List of Unskilled Jobs in Austria for Foreigners

There are a variety of unskilled jobs in Austria that may be available to foreign workers. Below are some examples.

  • Manufacturing and assembly line work: Jobs in factories, such as assembly line work, packaging, and machine operation.
  • Construction and Manual Labor: Construction work, such as brickwork, concrete work, and general labor.
  • Agricultural work: jobs in farming, such as picking fruits and vegetables, and caring for livestock.
  • Hospitality and Tourism: Jobs in hotels, restaurants, and other tourism-related businesses, such as cleaning, kitchen work, and front desk work.
  • Retail and Customer Service: Jobs in retail stores, such as cashiering, stocking shelves, and customer service.
  • Cleaning and janitorial work: Jobs in cleaning and janitorial services, such as janitorial work and commercial cleaning.
  • Transport and Logistics: Jobs in transport and logistics, such as delivery drivers and warehouse workers.
  • Nursing and elder care: Jobs in nursing and elder care, such as nursing assistants and caregivers.

How to Apply

The easiest way to apply for unskilled jobs in Austria is through the online job portal website where you can see the list of active jobs in Austria. Here are some job posting websites where you can find unskilled jobs in Austria.

  • Linkden
  • indeed
  • glassdoor
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