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Jobs in Germany for Americans (2023) – How to apply

Jobs in Germany: As the world’s fourth-largest economy and the EU’s most developed leader country, Germany needs no introduction. It is becoming an example for the world in automobile manufacturing, IT, electronics, hospitality services, and healthcare. This beautiful country is progressing so fastly in every industry that its own native workforce is not enough for occupying the newly created jobs in the above-mentioned leading industries. This increasing demand for the workforce and the broad range of available jobs have even pushed the residents of first-world countries like America to choose Germany for their work lives. In this article, we have published the full details of suitable jobs for Americans in Germany, and how to get these jobs with the link below to apply directly for them. If you have a green card, don’t miss the opportunity!

Jobs in Germany for Americans (2023)

Job Details: 

  • Job type: Job for Americans
  • Country: Germany
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Skill required: Yes
  • Experience required: Yes/No
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

How can Americans find Jobs in Germany: Best Online Sources

English being the international language and the second most well-known language of the European Union can always find its speaker with the best education and employment opportunities. The international job roles in non-English- speaking EU countries like Germany, Netherlands, etc, always require a candidate from the English-speaking world. Similarly, an expert or specialist in any field has a high chance of landing into a good career. However, you can’t avoid your duty of learning German as it is always needed at some point. For most types of work visas and residence permits, you need to have a B1-level certificate in the German language. Furthermore, there is very high competition in the international jobs category in Germany. So, knowing the German language makes you eligible for almost every job anywhere in Germany, and your chances of finding a job skyrocket. We have laid out a list of famous and most-consulted online job portals by foreigners to find a job in Germany that are equally helpful in finding Jobs for Americans in Germany.

  • Make It in
  • English
  • Total
  • Life in
  • Engineering (For all engineering and technical jobs)
  • Engineering
  • I am expat
  • (for online jobs)

What Jobs are suitable for Americans in Germany (International Job roles)

As described earlier, IT specialists, healthcare workers like nurses, Engineering professionals (especially Software and Mechanical Engineers), Technicians in Metal Work, etc, are the fields having the maximum number of vacancies in Germany. in fact, all careers in Science and Technology, medical and Business professions have a great job potential for experienced workers as well as beginners. Given below is the list of jobs for Americans in Germany (for both skilled and unskilled workers) where you can fit without the compulsion of knowing German:

  1. Human Resource professionals like HR business partners.
  2. Remote Customer Service/ Sales representatives.
  3. Call-center jobs (especially Coca cola call centers.
  4. Nurses/ Doctors/ Healthcare Assistants.
  5. English Language teacher (English as a foreign language).
  6. English-Speaking early childhood educators like Preschool Teach
  7. Project Managers.
  8. IT experts
  9. All digital marketing experts like Content marketing managers, SEO experts, and Social Media Marketing managers.
  10. Financial analysts.
  11. Engineers.
  12. Software /Website developers, especially WordPress.
  13. Accountants.
  14. Data System specialists.
  15. Data Storyteller- Power BI (English-speaking)

German Jobs for Americans on LinkedIn

  • First, you need to create an account on LinkedIn.
  • Then click on the Our below link and you can see the list of jobs for Americans in Germany.
  • Now select the job and read the job details and click on the apply now button.

Apply Now

Jobs in Germany for Americans on Indeed

  • First, you need to create an account on Indeed.
  • Then click on the Our below link and you can see the list of jobs for Americans in Germany on Indeed.
  • Now select the job and read the job details and click on the apply now button.

Apply Now

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