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CCTV Operator Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024 (Apply Online)

CCTV Operator Job is one of the well-paid and highly targeted unskilled job roles in Dubai. If you don’t have enough education or experience in any field, a CCTV Operator Job in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship is a golden opportunity for you to settle in a developed country and support your family. Many people in under-developed Asian and African countries are talented enough but don’t find an opportunity to earn higher education and job opportunities in big companies. Such jobs are a blessing for those people!

Conditions to apply are very easy as there are no high-end criteria for minimum knowledge and you are not required to be much experienced either. You get selected on an interview basis. Once you are selected for the job, then comes the visa process. You are only required to submit the relevant documents. This job, although not a skilled one, still offers many perks and benefits. Let’s explore them in this post and if you are interested, apply online directly by clicking on the button below:

CCTV Operator Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2023 (Apply Online)

Job Details:

  • Job title: CCTV camera operator
  • Location: Dubai
  • Job Industry: Human Resource
  • Minimum knowledge required: B.A
  • Minimum experience: 1 year in CCTV operation
  • Job type: contract basis
  • Contract duration: 2 years
  • Duty timing: 12 hours
  • Free food: No
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Transport: Yes
  • Free Medical: Yes
  • Salary Package: 1270 AED or 1,41,0000 Rupees

Job Requirements:

As per the paper ad, the following are the job requirements:

  • Minimum bachelor’s degree or equivalent (B.A, BSc, or BS)
  • The minimum Height should be 5’4.
  • Experience in CCTV is a must whether it be for one year only.
  • Good at basic English writing, reading, and speaking.
  • CCTV training would be a plus. However, some companies provide you the free training in the first week before you start your full-time job.

Job Benefits:

  1. Attractive Salary Package.
  2. Pathway to permanent residence in UAE and permanent employment.
  3. The education requirement is not high.
  4. The experience requirement is not high.
  5. Free Accommodation.
  6. All medical expenses are covered by the company.
  7. Free transport.
  8. All rights and privileges as per the UAE labor law.
  9. Duty hours are long but don’t require standing like a security guard.

How to search for more CCTV Operator Jobs in Dubai?

Online job-searching websites and online newspapers are the prime sources to find CCTV Operator Jobs in the UAE with visa sponsorship. By turning on the job alert notifications in any of those job search portals, you regularly get a notification message in your inbox for all the vacancies available of your desired job role and in your desired location. Moreover, you can select the related job roles and keep yourself updated about their upcoming vacancies as well. LinkedIn, Indeed, are some of the most famous job sources in the UAE. Here are some of useful tips to find more CCTV Operator jobs in the UAE.

  • Google “Famous job search portals in UAE”, “Job searching websites UAE” or “Jobs in UAE”.All the popular, reliable, and responsive job search portals would be displayed in front of you.
  • Create an account.
  • Select your desired jobs (you can select 3-5 at the time depending on the job site).
  • Turn on the notification alerts (for further use).
  • Type your keywords for the job search in the search bar.
  • First, try with specific ones like ” CCTV Operator Jobs in Dubai”. Select UAE as your desired region in the location bar right beneath the search bar.
  • If you get a few results or not-so-relevant ones, try general search words like “Security Services Jobs in UAE”, “Camera Operator Jobs in UAE”, ” Security Jobs in Dubai”, “Technical jobs in UAE Security services”, etc.
  • Click on your desired job role.
  • Submit the CV and all the required documents.
  • Click on the apply button.
  • Wait for the reply mail.

How much a CCTV Operator is paid in UAE? Is this ad paying you fairly?

According to the data collected from the various job ads on Glassdoor, well-known security services companies in the UAE like Transguard group, Ejadah Asset management, etc, are reported to pay between 20000 AED to 2500 AED for various levels in entry-level positions (1-5 years of experience). This company, as per the ad, is paying approximately 2000 AED (1970), which is a fair and square amount according to the statistics!

How to get CCTV training in Dubai?

As mentioned earlier, some companies provide you the free training. If you have prior experience in CCTV operation, you don’t need the relevant training course. According to the course takers, The course fee for CCTV training courses in the UAE is AED 1050 and AED 14000 for a 5-day CCTV Operating System & Report Writing course. You can find 12 courses offered by the 11 institutes in the whole UAE.

How to Apply

You can make an account on any online job searching website or online newspapers, log in, and submit your CV to apply. For this job ad, click below to apply directly on the link below:

Click here to apply

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