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Suzuki Margalla Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Margalla is a well-liked model of the Daihatsu brand since it is inexpensive and dependable. The Suzuki Margalla Cars are described in great depth here. Learn more about Suzuki Margalla Cars, including detailed descriptions, illustrations, customer reviews, and pricing information. Find out all the details about the various Margalla models, including their maximum passenger capacity, engine power, fuel efficiency, and more.

Used Suzuki Margallas may be purchased in Pakistan for anywhere from PKR 364,000 and PKR 502,000. Suzuki Margalla prices in Pakistan change depending on the year, the mileage, the version, and the condition of the vehicle.

Suzuki Margalla Price in Pakistan

Suzuki Margalla Exterior

The Suzuki Margalla’s exterior is simple and sleek. There are trapezoid-shaped sidelights, a rectangular grille, an outwardly sloping black bumper, and an air inlet at the front of the vehicle.

There’s a protruding black bumper in the back, and the taillights are long, rectangular LED strips that extend horizontally across the trunk’s length. The outside design of every Suzuki Margalla is identical. The 1st generation Suzuki Margalla’s exterior follows a rather subdued design language typical of a sedan from the early 1990s.

Suzuki Margalla Interior

Grey plastic trim pieces are all that adorn the interior of a first-generation Suzuki Margalla. Fabric covers the front and back seats. The GL comes standard with a sound system, a tachometer, and manual windows. The GL Plus has convenient air conditioning. Power steering, power locks, and power windows are just a few of the GLX’s convenient extras.

The Suzuki Margalla’s majority of controls are finished in black plastic and are controlled by hand. Although the 1st generation Suzuki Margalla’s comfort and refinement fall short of the segment standard, its generous interior space belies the compact sedan’s comparatively modest outward dimensions.


When it was first introduced, the Suzuki Margalla 1st Generation was marketed in Pakistan by Pak Suzuki Motors as the “Suzuki Sedan” and had the chassis code SF310. Suzuki Margalla manufacture was discontinued in 1998 by Pak Suzuki.When compared to other vehicles in its class that were readily available on the domestic market, the 1st-generation Suzuki Margalla was priced reasonably.

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