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Suzuki Every Wagon Price in Pakistan

The Suzuki Every Wagon is a well-liked Daihatsu because it is cheap and dependable. All the specifics on the Suzuki Every Wagon Automobiles are available here. View Suzuki Every Wagon Cars’ features, specifications, prices, and reviews here. Find more about the various Every Wagon models’ passenger capacity, horsepower, engine rating, fuel efficiency, and more.

Used Suzuki Every Wagon can be purchased in Pakistan for anywhere from PKR 1,260,000 and PKR 1,880,000. The asking price for a Suzuki Every Wagon in Pakistan might change depending on its age, mileage, trim level, and general condition.

When compared to similar vehicles on the market, the 2005 Suzuki Every Wagon offers excellent value for the money.

Suzuki Every Wagon Exterior

The 2005 Suzuki Every Wagon’s appearance is characterized by a very boxy design language. A rectangular chrome grille, dual square fog lights, three rectangular air ducts, and a flush bumper make up the front fascia. The back features a normal case tailgate and rectangular taillights with stacked vertical side sweeps. The second-generation Suzuki Every Wagon has an outward appearance not dissimilar to that of a minivan. The four different body styles of the second-generation Suzuki Every Wagon are visually identical, with the exception of the high roof, which has a noticeably steeper roof slope.

Suzuki Every Wagon Interior

Brown and beige plastic trim pieces are used throughout the interior of the Suzuki Every Wagon’s second generation. Fabric covers the front and back seats. Automatic climate control, a stereo sound system, and a multi-function steering wheel are just some of the standard equipment. Leather seats, a sunroof, parking sensors, a navigation system, and a rearview camera are all available upgrades. The cabin of my 2005 Suzuki Every Wagon is reasonably roomy and pleasant. The interior design prioritizes both comfort and space. There are electric features such as windows, mirrors, and steering wheel.


Suzuki’s CVT automatic transmission is essentially a 5-speed manual. The vehicle gets an impressive 24 kilometers per liter on the highway. The wagon is also special since it may be equipped with either manual or automatic gear transmission.

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