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Suzuki Baleno Price in Pakistan

After the 1st Generation, Suzuki Baleno came out in 1998, Baleno cars became very popular. Today, you will find out how much the Suzuki Baleno will cost in Pakistan in 2023. There were seven different versions of the first-generation Suzuki Baleno. These included the Gli, GXi, JXL, GL, JXR, Sport, and GTi 1.6. As far as prices go, the Suzuki Baleno wasn’t too far off from the competition.

Consequently, the lowest possible price for a Suzuki Baleno in Pakistan in 2023 is 4,15,000. The highest possible price is $6,40,000.

Anyone interested in the latest offerings from Suzuki and in the market for a terrific car that can meet all of their demands and provide some extra comforts should check out the Suzuki Baleno. Since their inception, Suzuki has built cars that satisfy the needs of both the affluent and the working class, while yet remaining true to each group’s core values and philosophy. As a result, the corporation has an unrivaled position in the automotive market.

Suzuki Baleno Exterior

The exterior of the first-generation Suzuki Baleno is understated and simple. The Suzuki Baleno’s front end is decked out with trapezoidal headlamps, a rectangular grille framed in chrome, and a pair of air vents. In addition, the taillights and bumper are shaped like a trapezoid and have sharp edges.

Suzuki Baleno Interior

Baleno 1st generation interiors have grey plastic trim pieces that may be adjusted. The cloth coverings on both the front and rear seats are a welcome comfort.

The Suzuki Baleno comes equipped with features such as air conditioning, cup holders, Power lock doors, power steering, power windows, an audio system with a stereo and a tachometer as standard equipment. The Baleno’s interior isn’t as nice as what you’d find in a more expensive Suzuki, but it’s still preferable to the average vehicle in its class.

Furthermore, the air conditioning system is not powerful in some Suzuki Baleno models because it was made for long persons. And because of that low price, it’s pitiful. These accessories are not available for this vehicle. Baleno’s price in the auto industry will increase if this trend continues.


The Suzuki Baleno is an affordably priced, manual-transmission city automobile. This automobile is available in eight distinct models.

In addition, they run on gasoline and have a displacement that ranges from 1197cc to 1590cc. The Suzuki Baleno has enough for five passengers. This vehicle gets 10–12 kilometers per liter of gas.

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