Power PK 70 Price in Pakistan

Power PK 70 Price in Pakistan is PKR 39,000.

Power PK 70 Photos

Power PK 70 Price in Pakistan

Motorcycles produced by Power Motorcycles PK 70 are reliable and affordable. Power Motorcycle has many satisfied customers who are willing to suggest it to others; the PK 70, with its 80-kilogram dry weight, is a great option for novice riders. Since its release date, PK70 has been a rather approachable vehicle.

Hero Bikes are reliable and reasonably priced. Many of the hero’s clients are raving fans. In addition, the Hero PH 70’s dry weight of 80 kilograms makes it a good option for novice riders because of its stability and manageability. Since its release, the Hero PH 70 has been a great value.

What Will a 70cc Motorcycle Cost in Pakistan in 2023?

People in Pakistan can check the Power 70cc Bike Price before making a purchase. The Power 70cc motorcycle features a single-cylinder, 4-stroke, air-cooled engine. Improvements have also been made using cutting-edge technologies. The 70cc 2023 model year is the most efficient in terms of fuel economy, but it doesn’t skimp on power. Its nearly 65 km/l fuel efficiency is sufficient for extended trips. It comes in both red and black. Pakistani Power 70cc Motorcycle Cost.

The Power PK70 is propelled by a 78cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that produces 7.0 ps at 8500 RPM and 0.551 gm at 6500 RPM in torque. It offers a four-speed manual transmission with a unique mesh clutch and a CDI electronic control ignition system. The gearshifts are quick and precise, maintaining a comfortable ride quality throughout. Like other 70cc bikes, it has a kick-start system that is easy to use and gets the engine going with minimal exertion on the rider’s part.


The Power PK70’s engine is air-cooled, which improves mileage and top speed because it uses less gasoline. The bike’s fuel tank is large enough to hold 10 liters of gas, and you can expect to travel 65 kilometers on a single tank. Users can save money on gas because they can travel farther on a single tank of fuel.

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