Honda Gold Wing Price in Pakistan

In Pakistan, you can purchase a used Honda Gold Wing for between PKR 6,050,000 and PKR 6,200,000.

Honda Gold Wing Photo

Honda Gold Wing photos
Honda Gold Wing photos

Gold Wing Honda Overview

Honda’s Gold Wing line of touring motorcycles is known for its reliability and comfort. The show premiered in October of 1974 and gained international acclaim over time. The shaft drive and flat motor are hallmarks of these motorcycles.

The GL1000 was the first model of its kind, and it was equipped with a 999 cm3 engine, an electric starter, and a fake gas tank. The actual gas tank was put behind the seat to lower the vehicle’s center of gravity. Tiny adjustments were made to the structure and features during the next two years.

Honda released the GL1200, the first model of the third generation of Gold Wing. Honda gave the GL1200 a more refined engine architecture and taller gearing to silence the bike and compete with Yahama. Although the new frame was more durable, it did not add much weight to the bike.

Data for the Honda Gold Wing

Liquid-cooled, the 1833cc displacement of the new Gold Wing 2023 is provided by a 24-valve SOHC flat-6 engine that operates on 4 strokes of combustion. Six gears, including overdrive and motorized reverse, are standard on the Gold Wing Tour. However, the Gold Wing automated DCT, Gold Wing Tour Automatic Airbag DCT, and Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT all include Seven-speed automated DCT, in addition to reverse, walking mode, and other conveniences. All models have an identical maximum power output of 93kW at 5500rpm and maximum torque of 170Nm at 4500rpm from the engine.

The fuel capacity of the Honda Gold Wing 2023 is 21.1% liters. The dimensions of the fully automatic version are 2,615 x 925 x 1,430 millimeters, while those of the fully manual version are 2,615 x 905 x 1,430 millimeters. The Gold Wing has a wheelbase of 1695mm, a ground clearance of 130mm, and a seat height of 745mm.

Highlights of the Honda Gold Wing

The 2023 Honda Gold Wing has cutting-edge upgrades that make it more appealing than ever. Gold Wing Tour also includes a strolling mode and an electronic reverse gear for added convenience. The bike’s Integrated Starter Generator system also facilitates easy ignition and stopping.

Style of the Gold Wing

The 2023 Honda Gold Wing features a unique look that sets it different from the competition. The bike’s forward-sloping front end contributes to its aerodynamic profile. The body’s flat and edgy strokes offer it a unique appearance and make the ride faster and more convenient by increasing the structure’s stability and decreasing air friction.

Reselling Gold Wings

The 2023 Honda Gold Wing retains a high value in export markets but a more modest one in domestic ones.

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