Honda CB 250F Price in Pakistan (Updated)

Used Honda CB 250F motorcycles in Pakistan may be purchased for between PKR 370,000 and PKR 695,000 on Date [current_date format=’j F, Y’].

After its 1996 debut in Japan, the Honda CB 250F soon became the most popular motorcycle in the country. The bike’s sleek design and lightning-fast responsiveness made it an instant hit with buyers. The motorbike wasn’t officially released in all markets, but it did find its way into other countries thanks to parallel exports.

Honda CB 250F Photos

Honda CB 250F

Particulars on the Honda CB 250F

The engine in the Honda CB 250F 2023 is a liquid-cooled 4-stroke DOHC inline-4 249cm3 unit that produces 29 horsepower at 9000 revolutions per minute and 23 Newton-meters of torque at 7500 revolutions per minute. The seat height is 760mm, and the bike’s overall dimensions are 2045mm x 740mm x 1,055mm.

The Honda CB 250F has a dry weight of 149 kg and a gasoline capacity of 16 litres, plus a reserve of 0.5 litres. The bike features a 1460mm wheelbase and a 170mm ground clearance. Tyre sizes are 130/70 ZR16 up front and 180/55 ZR17 out back.

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Specs of the CB 250F

The Honda CB 250F has a sealed, ‘O’-ring chain as its final drive and an electric starter. Single-disc brakes are used front and back.

CB 250F Layout

The lightweight and elegant steel cradle frame is standard on the Honda CB 250F 2023. A new digital speedometer and sleek fog light adorn the motorcycle’s forward end. LED taillights further the car’s aesthetic appeal from the back. The mono shock rear suspension and sleek suppressor exhaust system are two of the best features of the Honda CB 250F.

The bike has a sleek and functional design that puts the rider at ease.

Experience Riding and Controlling the CB 250F

When riding the Honda CB 250F 2023, you’ll find it to be quick and easy. It’s easy to ride and stable at high speeds thanks to its low weight and high ground clearance. The compact width of the vehicle’s chassis facilitates movement in congested urban environments.

As a street bike made for everyday use, the Honda Hornet is limited in its top speed compared to more extreme motorcycles. Its unique selling proposition is that riding a bike there is cheap and quick.

The Honda CB 250F offers a comfortable, quick, and economical ride with its 25 km/l fuel efficiency.

Reselling a CB 250F

Due to its low demand, the Honda CB 250F has almost no secondary market value.

CB 250F Rivals

The Honda CB 250F goes up against the latest iteration of the Benelli TNT 250 as well as its predecessors. The Benelli TNT 250 is superior to the Honda CB 250 in terms of range and comfort.

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