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New Zealand Government Jobs 2024 for Skilled Workers With VISA

Are you now unemployed? Here’s a chance to find work to sponsor your New Zealand visa in 2024! These openings are accessible to qualified individuals from all over the world. Jobs in New Zealand’s diverse industries can come with generous compensation packages and other perks. 

A job offer from a New Zealand business registered to sponsor workers for the Essential Skills Work Visa must be considered for a New Zealand Visa Sponsorship Job. Obtaining a visa will require you not only to be qualified for the position for which you are applying but also to meet health and character standards.

Beginning the process of securing a visa sponsor far in advance of your intended move to New Zealand is highly recommended. You may need to demonstrate your credentials, employment history, and English skills to secure a visa.

New Zealand Government Jobs 2024 for Skilled Workers With VISA

All international applicants should seize this chance to establish themselves professionally in New Zealand and help alleviate the country’s severe scarcity of skilled workers.

Jobs That Can Help You Get a New Zealand Work Visa

Companies and organizations in numerous parts of the world, including but not limited to 1.

  • Oceania
  • Acute Brain Injury Treatment
  • The Third Auckland Health Board


About 40 facilities and retirement villages serve older people in the Oceania region of New Zealand. It operates nonstop to aid retirees and maintain their standard of living.

You must possess the knowledge, abilities, and experience to be selected for a Visa Sponsorship Job in New Zealand with Oceania. They want candidates with prior expertise in the elderly care sector of the healthcare sector.

You can apply for a job that will sponsor your New Zealand work visa through Oceania by visiting their job search websites. Your qualifications, employment history, and English proficiency, among other things, may also need to be documented.

Visa sponsorship is available for this position, so people worldwide are encouraged to apply.

  • A year of relevant work experience in the healthcare industry is required for this position.
  • Candidates need strong written and oral communication abilities.
  • Candidates must be excellent and efficient at creating rapport with residents, visitors, and staff.
  • They must also follow corporate processes and policies.    

ABI Rehabilitation

New Zealand’s premier rehabilitation center for those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries, ABI Rehabilitation, provides intensive care services and residential facilities throughout the country. They assist the highly trained and specialized pediatric teams in Wellington and Auckland, New Zealand.

ABI Rehabilitation is a sponsoring organization for those looking for work in New Zealand on an Essential Skills Work Visa. That allows them to legally sponsor foreign nationals who meet New Zealand’s requirements for a work visa.

ABI Rehabilitation can sponsor your visa application if you are an Occupational Therapist, Physical Therapist, Speech-Language Pathologist, Rehabilitation Nurse, Psychologist, or Case Manager.

To provide their services, the ABI requires competent and experienced helpers.

 Job Duties:

  • Candidates encourage them to do their best practice.
  • Candidates provide them with personal care.
  • Candidates are responsible for engaging and encouraging clients to participate in physical activity.
  • All candidates assist clients with daily tasks like shopping, cooking, planning, and cleaning.

All applicants must have at least two years of relevant work experience in healthcare, rehabilitation, or mental health in New Zealand and have excellent communication skills.

Auckland Regional Health Service

Central Auckland is home to more than half a million people and is serviced by the Auckland District Health Board. Additionally, they offer unique services to every citizen of New Zealand. You can get visa sponsorship for this position if you can assist people in need.

Acute and elective hospital care, mental health and addiction care, and community health services are some of the many options available. ADHB qualifies as an employer that can sponsor immigrants for a New Zealand work visa under the Essential Skills Work Visa program.

You’ll learn and grow in the nursing field under the watchful eye of an RN. Training programs leading to an NZQA Level 3 qualification will also be available to candidates.

How to Get a Job in New Zealand that Hires Foreigners?

Since the New Zealand government encourages and facilitates New Zealand businesses’ recruitment of highly skilled workers worldwide, it’s in your best interest to explore the country’s job market to find a lucrative position that pays well.

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