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Green House Worker Jobs in Canada 2024 – Apply Online

Green House Workers Jobs in Canada 2024: If you are not highly educated in any field or have any high-end qualifications and experience, you have come to the right place! Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Canada 2024 for foreigners is the best job opportunity for such unskilled job seekers who want to work and settle in Canada. We always search hard and up to the fullest to bring the best career opportunities for everyone. We serve you with a hundred percent authentic job offers that cost nothing to apply. You don’t have to roam over the internet in your search for jobs, you can apply directly for those jobs by clicking on the links given in the bottom section of every post and can find more vacancies for the same job role.

Canada exports its greenhouse fruits and vegetables throughout the year to its neighboring country and its largest trade partner, the USA. According to a November 2022 report by Agriculture. Canada, In 2021, there were a total of 892 commercial greenhouse vegetable operations in Canada that produced 722,890 metric tons of vegetables. Leamington, the greenhouse capital of Canada, has been witnessing significant growth in the greenhouse industry every year. 

Green House Worker Jobs in Canada 2024 - Apply Online

Our today’s employer, Canada Farm Jobs, is an immigrant and foreign recruitment hub providing farm labourers and farm agriculture solutions to farmers since 2011. Besides benefiting Canada’s local Agri-Food industry by providing them with exclusively tailored farm solutions, it offers assistance with job placement and relocation, and settlement support. Another great benefit is that it provides throughout assistance to job seekers to apply for permanent residence. Let’s dig deeper into the details of Greenhouse Worker Jobs in Canada in 2024:

Details of Green House Workers Jobs in Canada 2024:

  • Job title: Green House Workers
  • Job Country: Canada
  • Expected Salary: CAD 15-20
  • Employee benefits: Yes. Depending upon the employers
  • Free Accommodation: Most of the time
  • Working conditions: Moist and Hot
  • Visa Assistance: Yes

Requirements of Green House Worker Jobs in Canada 2024:

  1. No formal minimum education is required. From the Secondary school level to the master’s degree holders can apply.
  2. No experience is needed. However, experienced applicants are preferred.
  3. Good communication in the English language is a must.
  4. All essential and supporting visa documents.

Greenhouse Worksite environment:

Depending on the greenhouse’s location (whether you are a plain or hilly area), the area’s local climate and weather, the greenhouse worksite environment contains the following physical features:

  1. Outdoors.
  2. At heights.
  3. Floricultural.
  4. Confined Spaces.
  5. Wet and Damp.
  6. Odoured.
  7. Hot (in freezing climates).
  8. Cold/ refrigerated (if growing tender plants and weather is adverse).

Work responsibilities for Greenhouse Jobs:

  1. Brush Collecting.
  2. Crop Cleaning and Weeding.
  3. Crop clipping.
  4. Deleting.
  5. Fruit and Vegetable trees/ plant/ crops harvest activities like collecting them and packing them.
  6. House maintenance.
  7. Fruit / Vegetable Trees training.
  8. Greenhouse cleaning.
  9. Suckering plants like trees, shrubs, and other crops.
  10. Tying vines and canopies.
  11. Grafting seedlings and rooted cuttings.
  12. Pot and re-pot plants.
  13. Pruning trees and shrubs.
  14. Watering plants and tendering them.
  15. Planting bulbs.
  16. Sowing seeds.
  17. Transplant seedlings or rooted cuttings.
  18. Maintaining/ Tending to lawn and garden.
  19. Cleaning work area.
  20. Picking and Packing greenhouse fruits or vegetables.
  21. Operating greenhouse equipment machinery, and other set-up to maintain light and temperature for the plants.

Types of Greenhouse plants/ crops:

  1. Ferns.
  2. Shrubs.
  3. Bedding plants or flowers like Marigolds.
  4. Cut flowers like those used in wreaths, garlands, or decorative home vases.
  5. Fresh fruits and vegetables.
  6. Seasonal plants/ crops like peppermint, chamomile, and ginger.
  7. Tropical plants like orchids.

Benefits of Greenhouse Worker Jobs in Canada with Canada Farm Jobs.

Canada Farm Job aims at both employers and job seekers within the agriculture sector.

  1. Job placement support; direct referral to prospective employers and interview facilitation. 
  2. Relocation and settlement assistance. 
  3. Assistance with work permit and visa applications.
  4. Assistance with provincial applications.
  5. Express Entry System.
  6. Assistance with permanent residency applications.
  7. Visitor visas.
  8. Family class applications.

Where to find Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Canada in 2024?

You can Google Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Canada to find all possible international and Canadian job search portals that can land you potential Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Canada in 2024:

  1. Ca.Indeed.
  2. ECO Canada.
  3. Canada Job Bank
  4. Workopolis.
  5. Glassdoor.
  6. Simply Hired.

How to Apply for Greenhouse Workers Jobs in Canada on Canada Farm Jobs?

  1. Go to Canada Farm Jobs’s official website.
  2. Click on Jobseekers section.
  3. Select your relevant job area like IT, Finance, etc.
  4. Click on your desired job role.
  5. Submit the CV and relevant documents.
  6. Canada Farm Job will contact you within 24 hours to evaluate the status of your document and provide any additional instructions.

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