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Live in Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permits for Foreigners

Live-in Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permit for Foreigners: This post is for caring and committed nannies who are dedicated to their profession and providing quality care just like a home member! Homestead, Toronto, Canada is looking for such individuals to join their team. This role not only allows you to make good earnings but also makes a difference in the life of someone who needs you the most! Your subjects may include children, elder people, or people with special needs. As a Live-in Caregiver, you are required to perform 24/7 companionship, medical administration, fostering, aiding with daily activities, and much more. Read on below to find more about Live-in Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permit for Foreigners:

Live-in Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2023 with Work Permits for Foreigners

Details of Live-In Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permit for Foreigners:

  • Job title: Live-in Caregiver
  • Job location: Canada
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Experience required: Yes
  • Age limit: Minimum 16
  • Expected Salary: Depends upon the experience
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Employee benefits: Yes

Requirements of Live-In Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permit for Foreigners:

  • Facilitating the movement of people.
  • Having a helping hand with routine activities
  • Preparing a meal.
  • Planning get-togethers
  • The house is being cleaned or vacuumed right now.
  • Taking care of one’s physical health.
  • Support and guidance in processing their emotions.
  • attending events or going shopping are examples of this.
  • Providing emotional support for others is as simple as getting along with them, being kind to them, and being patient with them.
  • respecting all local, state, and federal regulations regarding age.
  • Attending continuing education classes and seminars to further their expertise.
  • Supervise children and look them after in the absence of parents.
  • Prepare meals/ snacks for children as instructed by parents.
  • Oversee/ Supervise children in the absence of their parents and look after their every activity like meals, homework, playtime, whereabouts, etc.
  • As children are adolescents and not infants or toddlers, they can take care of their personal hygiene personally, but you have to take care if they are not doing so properly anywhere.
  • Take care of the child’s social development and conduct children’s social activities like taking them to the park, swimming, karate, or any other social activity. Similarly, you have to conduct children’s meetings with any visitor in their parents’ absence under your supervision.
  • Maintain a healthy environment in the home.
  • Tend to the good mental health and emotional well-being of the children.
  • Pick and drop children to school and any other appointment.
  • Performing laundry of children and preparing their bedding when they are at school. Similarly, you have to get their lunch and snacks ready when they are back.
  • Keep a trace of children’s,s everyday activity, and their health profile.
  • Besides children, you have to assume the full responsibility of the household in the absence of your parents.

What Skills should you have as a Live-In Caregiver?

There are some essential personality traits/ personal skills that should be in every caregiver for all age groups children or even adults. To talk about this job posting specifically, Homestead has some requirements:

  1. The candidate should be reliable and trustworthy. He/ She develops their trust by adequately performing care for the children in the absence of their parents.
  2. He / She should be warm and cordial.
  3. He/ She should have excellent communication skills and great active listening skills.
  4. Must be patient with and energetic with children.
  5. Should have a good knowledge of all health and mental care techniques, standards, and activities for the well-being of adolescent children.
  6. Must be flexible and be available for work during any shift as suits the working needs of the parents.
  7. Should have a good knowledge of physical, brain games, video games, and other interest activities of children aged between 13-16.
  8. Must be detail-oriented and pay attention to every single detail that can improve the work quality.
  9. Good interpersonal skills.
  10. Vigilance and paying attention to details.
  11. Problem-Solving and Conflict Resolution skills.
  12. Good Leadership/ Supervision skills to ensure area safety.

Benefits of Live-In Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permit for Foreigners?

  1. Job is available for anyone i.e. citizens, immigrants, socially disadvantaged groups, etc.
  2. Optional live-in accommodations were available at no charge.
  3. The successful candidate(s) who are not Canadian residents are assisted in the process of procuring their Canadian work permits/visas.
  4. Competitive Salary i.e. between 14-16 per hour.
  5. Professional development and career advancement opportunities.

How to Apply for Live-In Caregiver Jobs in Canada 2024 with Work Permits for Foreigners?

Before going to online job search portals to find Live-In Caregiver Jobs with Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Canada and reach potential employers, you should try to make and upgrade your CV according to the latest job market trends. Then, you are expected to follow the following steps:

  1. Make your account on Indeed in case you don’t have one.
  2. After providing the information asked for, you will be sent a verification email in your mailbox.
  3. If you can’t find the mail in your mailbox, find it in spam or bin folders.
  4. Tap it to activate your account.
  5. Type ”Caregiver Jobs”, ”Live-in Caregiver Jobs”, ”Nanny Jobs”, ”Elderly Care Jobs”, ”Live-in Healthcare Assistant Jobs.”
  6. Select all of Canada in the location bar right beneath the Search Bar.
  7. Click on your desired job role and provide the CV and all the necessary information asked.
  8. Keep checking the mail for the response.

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