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How to Get Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Pakistan

How to Get a Job That Will Pay for Your Visa to Work in Pakistan Do you need a job sponsor to work in Pakistan? Do you hope to obtain a job in Pakistan as a foreign national? Do you wish to learn more about finding employment in Pakistan as a foreigner?

If you’re thinking about taking a job in Pakistan, you should know that it’s a developing country. Citizenship of Pakistan can be obtained by foreigners who meet the criteria outlined on this page.

You’ll find information regarding visa sponsorship employment in Pakistan, applying for a job in Pakistan as a foreigner, meeting the requirements for a Pakistan Work Visa, and recruitment agencies in Pakistan that help foreigners secure visa sponsorship jobs, below.

Finding Employment That Will Sponsor Your Visa in Pakistan in 2023

Some examples of companies that sponsor work visas in Pakistan are provided below.

Advisor at the High Court Operations/Communications Assistant (Field Support)

Senior Application Consultant Analyst

Fraud Operations

Agent in Charge of Airport Services Senior Program Officer in Charge of Coordinating Projects

Briefing for the Chairman

Human Resources (HR) Professional Freedom/Ethics (Ethics) Expert Immigration and Business Travel Consultant Dispute Management (DM) Payment and Finance Portfolio Manager

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Finding Employment Abroad in Pakistan

A work visa is needed for foreign workers to legally remain and work in Pakistan. In order to apply for the visa, they need to have a job offer and meet certain requirements. In Pakistan, work visas last for one year and can be renewed indefinitely. After a year, workers can apply to have their permit renewed.

Exactly what is a Sponsored Work Permit?

You are now permitted to provide sponsorship certificates to suitable and qualified foreign nationals. This visa thus fulfills the primary purpose of securing you a job in Pakistan and a Work Permit in Pakistan.

Need a Work Visa for Pakistan?

There are a number of criteria that must be met in order to obtain a work visa or permission in Pakistan. The following forms must be completed:

  • Employee’s valid passport photo is required.
  • Document proving your organization’s SECP registration
  • A suggestion for an extension from the BOI or MOI
  • Give me a way to get in touch with you.
  • Take on in a formal company letter.
  • A cover letter for a job application
  • Business letterhead covering letter.
  • company documents.
  • Contract of employment

The organization has been officially recognized by FBR NTN.

How Much Do Foreign Workers Get Paid in Pakistan?

Workers in Pakistan could potentially make $400 monthly. However, it’s important to keep in mind that some workers make much less than $1,000 per month and others much more.

Pakistani Business Sponsor Visa List

Recruiting firms are private companies that aid businesses in locating qualified job applicants. In order to save time and money compared to direct marketing and company networks, businesses often hire staffing agencies to find candidates for open positions within their organizations.

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