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Honda N Box Price in Pakistan

Honda released the N Box, the first generation, in 2011. The Honda N Box is a small Kei vehicle with a front-mounted engine and four-wheel drive. Both the Honda N Box and the Honda N One are part of Honda’s refreshed portfolio of Kei automobiles for the Japanese market. One of Japan’s most popular small vehicles is the Honda N Box from the first generation.

The price of a used Honda N Box in Pakistan goes from PKR 2,276,000 to PKR 3,000,000. Honda N Boxes in Pakistan have a wide range of pricing depending on factors including their age, mileage, trim, and general condition.

Honda N Box Price in Pakistan

Honda N Box Exterior

The exterior design language of the 1st generation Honda N Box is fairly singular, distinctive, and boxy. Flared wheel arches continue their form from the front bumper through the front fascia, and rectangular side-swept headlamps sit above a rectangular grille accented with chrome.Clear, vertically stacked, side-swept taillights and a typical case hatchback can be found in the trunk. Compared to the standard Honda N-Box, the N-Box Custom has a more menacing appearance because to its larger front bumper with triple intakes, its larger rectangular type side sweeping headlights that integrate into the design of the chrome bumper, and its rear roof spoiler. The N Box Plus and N Box Custom Plus seem identical, but for the fact that the former is somewhat longer to accommodate more people inside.

Honda N Box Interior

Honda’s 2011 N Box is characterized by its use of glossy black plastic throughout. Fabric covers the front and back seats. Power locks, power windows, power mirrors, an audio system with stereo speakers, power steering, a trip computer, and a tachometer are just some of the standard amenities. Some of the available extras in this vehicle are satellite radio, heated front seats, cruise control, an improved stereo system with a subwoofer in the trunk, and a rearview camera. Black, white, beige, red, and pink are just some of the available options for the 1st generation Honda N Box Slash’s slick plastic interior trim.


One of the most anticipated cars of 2023 is the Honda N Box. It’s a tiny car, but it has a sleek exterior, a powerful engine, and state-of-the-art safety features. The release of this car has piqued the interest of many Pakistani auto enthusiasts.

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