Honda CG 125 Dream Price in Pakistan

Used Honda CG 125 Dreams in Pakistan can be purchased for between PKR 95,000 and PKR 180,000.

CG 125 Honda Dream Overview

Atlas The Honda CG Dream is the company’s newest addition to the 125 series of sprinters. The Honda CG Dream is a more advanced variant of the Honda CG 125. The Honda CG dream lives on with some savvy, athletic updates for a modern design. Stylish visuals, an upgraded dashboard with a handle lock in the ignition switch, a plush seat and an original seat bar all add up to fantastic value. In addition, the Honda CG Dream is promoted as a superior performance motorcycle to all of its rivals. The combination of speed, style, and efficiency is made possible by the vehicle’s 35 km/l fuel economy on the highway and its 2-liter reserve tank.

The brand-new Honda CG Dream features an extensively updated layout, a sleek and molded fuel tank with attractive graphics, a plush seat, a one-of-a-kind seat bar, etc. The bumper at the back is robust and free of rust, and the taillight’s reflector adds to the vehicle’s overall shine. The multi-reflector headlamp has a fantastic halogen bulb for superior illumination on dark moonless nights.

Honda CG 125 Dream Photos


  1. Air-cooled single-cylinder engine, 124.9 cc displacement
  2. 10.5 horsepower at 8,500 RPM
  3. 10.3Nm of torque at 6,000 rpm.
  4. Four-speed manual gearbox.
  5. 60/70 mpg city/highway fuel economy
  6. Mass: 120 kg
  7. This seat is 780mm tall.

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  • Clever layout
  • Reasonable Cost
  • Relaxing trip
  • Transmission with four fixed gears
  • The engine that uses little gas
  • LED headlights and taillights, together with disc brakes up front.

Design of a Digital Instrument Cluster

The Honda CG 125 Dream’s sleek appearance commands attention. The bike has a stylish frame, a bright headlight, and a flashing rear light. There is a wide range of colors to pick from when purchasing the bicycle.


The Honda CG 125 Dream has a city fuel economy of 60 mpg and a highway fuel economy of 70 mpg. For a motorcycle of its size and power, this is excellent mileage.

Comfort & Control

The Honda CG 125 Dream is an extremely pleasant and simple motorcycle to use. The engine is strong and refined, and the suspension works well for both city and highway driving. The CG 125 Dream is surprisingly light for a motorbike of its size, allowing for effortless handling.


The Honda CG 125 Dream is a highly sought-after motorcycle in Pakistan, and its price has shown to be quite stable over time. The CG 125 Dream is an excellent choice if you’re shopping for a motorcycle whose worth won’t depreciate too quickly.


Yamaha’s YBR 125, Suzuki’s Hayate, and Hero’s Passion Pro are just a handful of the bikes that challenge Honda’s CG 125 Dream. All of these motorcycles are around the same size and power as the CG 125 Dream, but each one has its own special touches.

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