Honda Deluxe Price in Pakistan

Used Honda Deluxes in Pakistan can be purchased for between PKR 75,000 and PKR 325,000.

Specs for the Honda Deluxe

The Honda Deluxe is a premium model, so it always stands out on the road. A powerful horse with a 5-speed manual gearbox will let you go the distance with exhilarating velocity and superior grip on the road. The Honda Deluxe is a fantastic choice for any serious motorcyclist. The power horse can be stopped quickly and safely thanks to the reliable hydraulic disc brakes. The silver covering on the black silencer increases Honda Deluxe’s already high visual value. Since high fuel economy has always been a primary focus for Honda, you can rest assured that the new Euro II technology featured in the Honda Deluxe will more than meet your needs. A tachometer with a fuel gauge is also standard on Honda Deluxe models. The Honda Deluxe captures the very essence of a refined automobile.

Honda Deluxe Photos

Honda’s deluxe CG-125, released in 2021

The new Honda CG 125 Deluxe, equipped with Euro II technology, is Honda Pakistan’s most recent product release. The Honda Deluxe 2023, with its robust engine and stylish design, is the pinnacle of efficiency and class. The elegance and sophistication of a Honda Deluxe cannot go unnoticed.     

Highlights of the 2023 Honda CG 125 Deluxe

The 4-stroke power-up engine on the Honda Deluxe 2023 is a real workhorse. The gasoline tank of the 2023 Honda Deluxe is visually appealing thanks to its updated aesthetics. The rider will appreciate the inclusion of a tachometer coupled with a fuel gauge indicator. The bike can be stopped quickly and with little loss of traction thanks to the disc brakes that use hydraulic fluid. The Honda Deluxe sports a beautiful silencer that is painted black. The 2016 Honda Deluxe gains in elegance and sophistication thanks to its backlight’s aerodynamic hood. The modern design of the seat is excellent for extended periods of sitting.            

The Honda Deluxe can be purchased in either black or red.

Specifications for the 2023 Honda Deluxe

Euro II technology went into the making of the Honda Deluxe, and it features air suction valves. This bike is very fuel efficient thanks to Euro II technology. This sturdy motorbike has a 124cc displacement and is guaranteed to last. The compression ratio of a Honda Deluxe is 9.0:1. The bike’s 136mm of ground clearance allows it to ride comfortably across rough terrain. The unloaded weight of the motorcycle is 112 kg. With its five-speed gearbox, the Deluxe motorcycle can generate higher torque at low engine speeds.

The Honda Deluxe is 2032mm long, 758mm wide, and 1097mm tall. The fuel tank can hold 12 liters of petrol. A 2.25-1 42P front tire and a 90/90-18 51P rear tire are installed.  

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