Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan (updated)

The Honda Pridor replaces the Honda CD 100, but it’s more refined, has better gas mileage, and is more aerodynamic. The Honda Pridor has excellent suspension and a four-stroke, overhead-cam engine. This motorcycle exudes an air of sophistication thanks to the shiny veiled headlight, beautiful bright indicators, and intriguing wrapped silencer. Honda Pridor is unrivaled and trustworthy as a long-term ride because of its exceptional longevity. Honda Pridor isn’t simply tough; it also has plenty of peps to outrun the competition.

Honda Pridor Price in Pakistan on [current_date format=’j F, Y’]is PKR 203,900.

Honda Pridor 2023 Photos

Honda Pridor 2023

Detailing the Honda Pridor’s Specifications

The bore and stroke of the 100 cc 4-stroke OHC air-cooled engine on the new Honda Pridor 2023 are 50 mm and 49.5 mm, respectively. The bike can hold 9.7 liters of gas (with 1.5 liters left over for emergencies) and features a continuous mesh transmission with four gears. The Pridor’s exterior measurements are 1986 millimeters long, 718 millimeters wide, and 1067 millimeters high; its wheelbase measures in at 1226 millimeters. 

The low 798 mm seat height and low 156 mm ground clearance of the Honda Pridor make it a good choice for shorter drivers. The front and back tires are the same size, measuring 2.75 by 18 inches. There is a telescopic fork up front measuring 94 mm and a swing arm at the back measuring 84 mm.

Pridor Honda Specifications

There is a roller chain on the Honda Pridor, a kick-start bike. The bike is light and nice to ride. The Pridor’s speedometer is a chic dual-dial arrangement. Over the years, the bike hasn’t undergone many changes.

Pridor Engineering

The lines on the bike are sharp and modern. The manufacturer asserted that the redesigned side cover design and striking graphics contributed to the product’s sporty appearance. The motorcycle has a headlight and two indicator lights up front. The bike’s rear pipe grip improves maneuverability. The back fender and utility box have been updated for style. 

Pristine Ride & Handling

The Honda Pridor 2023 is a lightweight and manageable motorcycle. The bike is quite relaxing to ride. It doesn’t shake much at high speeds and can be driven with ease even in congested areas.

Pridor Honda Gas Mileage

An outstanding 54 km/l is achievable with the new Honda Pridor 2023.

Honda Pridor has a lackluster secondary market. Used versions of the bike are avoided because of their rapid depreciation in value.

Alternatives to Pridor

In Pakistan, the Honda Pridor goes head-to-head with the Suzuki GD 110S, the Road Prince RP 110, and the Unique UD 100. Because of its long history of popularity and great resale value, the Suzuki GD 110S is a formidable rival to the Honda Pridor. The Pridor has a greater fuel capacity and is lower weight than the GD 110S. The Pridor’s price tag is likewise significantly lower than that of the GD 110S.

The Road Prince RP 110 is a formidable rival to the Pridor thanks to its superior engine power, larger fuel capacity, and enhanced stability. Since it costs less, has more gas, and has an electric starter, the Unique UD 100 is a formidable rival to the Honda Pridor.

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