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Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship (Apply Online)

Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship: Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship 2024 is a great opportunity for unskilled labor in underdeveloped Asian countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Ghana, etc. Many overseas Employment companies search for potential foreign labour for their client companies/ principles because Abu Dhabi is a very rich country like UAE, Gulf countries, and the whole Arab world. As a tourist hub, Its local population is very low yet very rich. Emirates’ economy mainly runs on visitors/ tourists/ foreign or ex-pat workforce. That’s why there are all types of skilled and unskilled job roles available for all nationalities.

Like cleaning jobs, there are a lot of other job roles available that don’t require education or much experience. For example, housekeeping jobs, janitor jobs, babysitting jobs, office boy jobs, security guard jobs, etc. You need to speak good English and Arabic (basic level proficiency is enough to get the job. Later you can learn with your job experience and stay there). Apply for the job, submit your documents, and then wait for your employer’s response. First, you get the job and then your employer grants you a visa and tickets himself. The job details and lists of the online sources offering the job are given below, So let’s delve deeper into Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship.

Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship (Apply Online)

Details of Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Job title: Cleaner
  • Job Region: Dubai, UAE
  • Expected Salary: Would be discussed during the interview
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Duty Timing: 8 hours
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes
  • Free Timing: 8 hours a day

Requirements of Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. You should be legally entitled to work in Dubai e.g., no criminal record or illness history.
  2. You should have a basic grip on Arabic and English.
  3. No experience is required.
  4. No education is required.

Benefits of Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Competitive Salary.
  2. Visa Sponsorship.
  3. Health Insurance.
  4. Free Accommodation.
  5. Free 1 Day Off.

Job duties of a Cleaner:

  1. Mopping, floor polishing.
  2. Dusting, brooming.
  3. Checking the cleanliness of rooms and their air freshness, tidiness, etc.
  4. Washing bathrooms.
  5. Taking care of the household and all household proprietary items.
  6. Cooking and serving the meals.
  7. Floor polishing.
  8. Cleaning bedrooms and preparing the bedding.
  9. Grocery shopping and running errands like going to nearby shops for baby’s milk.
  10. Cleaning and setting up cupboards.
  11. Babysitting or elderly care (if required, would be paid separately).

Average Salary of a Cleaner in Dubai:

It depends on many things, like location, experience, workplace, overall skill level, etc. However, Indeed mentions that the average salary of a cleaner in Dubai is AED 2211 per month.

How to Apply for Cleaner Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Make an account on Jooble, in case you don’t have one.
  2. Click on the verification mail in your mailbox, spam, or bin folder to activate your account.
  3. Search ”Cleaner Jobs”, ”Housekeeper Jobs”, ”Home Cleaner Jobs”, ”Office Cleaner Jobs” etc, or any other related term in the search bar.
  4. Select Dubai or the whole UAE in the location bar just beneath the search bar.
  5. Click on your desired job role.
  6. Submit your CV along with all the necessary information asked.

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