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Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship – Apply Now

Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship: Although one of the poorest countries in the world, Tanzania is emerging as one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, and there are opportunities for those looking to live and work there. Especially, its Health and Social Security System is trying hard to modernize and develop itself on the model of Western countries.

Around 67% of the people working in Tanzania have jobs in the primary sector and agricultural exports account for over 30% of the country’s GDP. Industry accounts for another quarter of Tanzania’s GDP and services make up the remaining 44%.

The United States and Tanzania have collaborated for decades to address critical health needs, with a focus on quality integrated services, health systems strengthening, and healthy behaviors. These efforts support Tanzania’s commitment to improving health outcomes and healthcare services, focusing on efficiency, effectiveness, and accountability. USAID’s work with the Government of Tanzania includes programs to address HIV/AIDS, malaria, tuberculosis, family planning, reproductive health, nutrition, global health security, and maternal, newborn, and child health.

Owing to these collaborative efforts of USA and Tanzania, there has been opened a significant number of job openings in the Healthcare System like Caregivers/ Support Workers, Highly qualified Doctors, Surgeons, and Nurses in all fields, Babysitter/ Au Pairs/ Nannies, etc. USA is welcoming expats from every country to help it in its welfare program.

Besides Tanzanian population hubs like Dar as-Salam and Zanzibar, Rural Tanzania, home to 9% of the country’s doctors and 28% of its health workforce, is in desperate need of healthcare professionals. As country is the poor and working in Tanzanian local Healthcare sector won’t benefit you much for your career, working in a Tanzanian Healthcare program sponsored by USAID is much better a better career, even if not pursued as a permanent employment option, but add in your CV! Let’s get started and discuss everything about Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship for USAID

Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship - Apply Now

Visa/ Immigration Requirements for Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania for Foreigners

Tanzania has several work permits, and the one you obtain will depend on the work you plan to do while living there. There are three classes that are issued to individuals who plan to live and work in the country; assess which of the following you will need to apply for:

  • Class A. These work permits are reserved for foreign individuals in Tanzania investing in local economies. This includes industries such as forestry, business, mining, and more.
  • Class B. This work permit class is intended for foreign individuals offered highly skilled positions at companies in Tanzania. This includes professions such as doctors, accountants, teachers, engineers, and more.
  • Class C. A work permit in this class is issued for individuals working or volunteering outside the typical work sector. Class C work permits are issued to students, individuals traveling to Tanzania for missionary or other volunteer purposes, foreign individuals working on projects for the local government, and other specialized class

Because Class A and Class C permits are issued to individuals outside the typical workforce, most standard employees will need to apply for a Class B work permit when relocating to Tanzania.

What are the Education and Experience Requirements of USAID Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship?

  • Must have a professional Healthcare Degree or certification like Nursing Degree, Diploma in Caregiving/ Social Work/ Childcare or Pediatric Accredited Certification
  • Experience is not necessary but is greatly preferred for junior job roles. For senior job roles, like Senior caregiver for Special Needs, Babysitter, or Caregiver for VIP families.
  • You should have excellent English Communication Skills to talk to the US people involved in the program, but as the local population is not very educated, you have to communicate in local Arabic, which is good to be known at least to a basic level before going there
  • You should have a valid Tanzanian work permit
  • You should be patient, have a flexible attitude, and have a friendly personality.

Benefits of Education and Experience Requirements of USAID Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship?

  • Working with USAID, you will be paid in US Dollars, as the USA pays Caregivers and Support Workers at home.
  • Tanzanian local currency to US Dollars is like bran to bread or like flakes to the block; you can enjoy beautiful parks, zoos, Arabic street food, cheap shopping, as much as you want and more easily than ever
  • If you want to leave the country and go back to your home country or go somewhere else for a Caregiving career and don’t want to get stuck in Tanzania, adding work experience with USAID to your CV is like a jewel in the crown.
  • Due to its cheapest currency, you can enjoy good Accommodation in Tanzanian hubs for expats like Dar as Salam.
  • A Caregiving Job is the best head start to pursue a career in the Healthcare Sector.
  • Due to the shortage of Healthcare workers, you will find plenty of jobs throughout the country
  • There are a lot of volunteer Healthcare Programs in Tanzania; Some of them are affiliated with UN while others are independent like RCP

Average Salary of a Caregiver in Tanzania with USAID

Average Caregivers are paid $15.48 per hour if they have 0-2 years of experience. This figure is pushed up as their experience increases. As USAID is a US-based program, caregivers are paid the same

In Tanzania, Caregivers are paid an average salary of A Caregiver working in Tanzania will typically earn around 8,496,400 TZS per year, and this can range from the lowest average salary of about 4,414,800 TZS to the highest average salary of 12,958,200 TZS.

USAID Caregiving Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship

USAID Caregiver Internships in Tanzania with Free Visa

  • Full-time and Permanent
  • USAID Sponsored – All Caregiving and Health Care Programs
  • Apply Here

4 New Job Vacancies at Global Volunteers Tanzania RCP

  • Full-Time and Temporary
  • Dar as Salam, Tanzania
  • JOB TITLE: RCP Caregiver (4)ORGANIZATION SUMMARY: Global Volunteers is a private, nonsectarian, international, human and economic development organization in consultative status

Disable Childcare Worker Jobs in Tanzania with Visa and Free Accommodation

  • Dar as Salam, Tanzania
  • Full Time and Permanent
  • NannyJob is Available to Korean Families in Dar es Salaam. You will get your own bedroom with an attached bathroom

Senior Caregiver/ Au Pair Jobs in Tanzania with Visa Sponsorship and Free Accommodation

  • Mwanza, Tanzania
  • Full-time and Permanent
  • Au PairJob is Available with Tanzanian Families in Mwanza. You can have your own bedroom with an attached bath in a flat
  • Apply Here

Housekeeper and Nanny Job in Tanzania with Free Visa and Accommodation on Option

  • Dar as Salaam, Tanzania
  • Full Time and Permanent
  • Housekeeper and Nanny Job Position for a 1 year old Job Available with Arab Family in Dar es Salaam
  • You have to take care of the house and the baby
  • Apply Here


Caregiver Jobs in Tanzania for USAID is a great internship/experience-gaining venture for those who want to work in the Healthcare Sector or as a Caregiver in the future. While Tanzania is a poverty striken country, still you can enjoy the best here due to its cheap currency. In the future, you can commute to/ relocate somewhere else with working with USAID a worthy addition to your CV

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