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Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners – Apply Now

Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners and English Speakers (No Experience): An increasing number of people are searching for reliable childcare services in our hectic society. Like in many other countries, parents frequently require trustworthy and competent maids or babysitters to look after their children in Germany. This article delves deeply into the fascinating world of babysitting and nanny work in Germany. It makes clear that visa sponsorship is an option, which increases the allure of this career path for individuals who enjoy working with children.

Despite the remarkable economic expansion of the country, Germany has experienced major changes in working conditions throughout the years. There will be plenty of need for babysitting services like nannies and sitters because more parents will be working. Another factor considerable is that the German population is aging fast and more and more caregivers will be needed in the coming years. So, for Nannies/ Housekeepers/ Babysitters, the job potential will be high in the coming years.

This career is the best job for Females in Germany along with those who don’t have enough education or experience because despite such easy job requirements, you will be granted high wages and fascinating benefits and compensation packages. Sometimes, your employer may demand you to meet a minimal set of requirements (education and experience) before you apply. However, the main requirement is a German Work/ Residence Permit. Read on below to find more along with the links to apply for Babysitter Jobs in Germany as a foreigner.

Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Details of Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners and English Speakers (No Experience)

  • Job title: Nanny/ Babysitter
  • Country: Germany
  • Job Nature: Part-time and Full Time
  • Working hours: 6-12 hours per day
  • Work settings: Assisted living facility or home
  • Target Audience: Physically and Mentally Disabled Children, Latchkey Children, or other children, toddlers, and infants.
  • Expected salary: €13-€19per hour
  • Who can apply: m/f/d
  • Free food: Could be provided
  • Free Accommodation:Mostly Yes
  • Free Transportation: No/ Yes
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship available: Yes
  • English/ non-German Speakers accepted: Yes

Requirements of Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

  • Very good at English.
  • At least five years of work experience in private homes
  • I’m willing and able to move quickly.
  • Note the date on the first aid certificate.
  • Excellent recent working references that you can call.
  • No criminal or health convictions
  • Ready to begin right away
  • German Work and Residence Permit
  • Confirm that the employment satisfies all legal criteria and contains information about living arrangements, salary, and working hours.
  • Get a work visa application at the German consulate or embassy in your nation of origin. A legitimate employment offer, verification of your qualifications, and further supporting documentation are required.
  • Obtain health insurance that covers you in Germany. This is a mandatory requirement for obtaining a work visa.
  • Some employers may request a criminal background check, so be prepared to provide relevant documentation.
  • While not always mandatory, having a basic understanding of German can be beneficial, especially for communication with the family and in daily life.
  • Having relevant qualifications in childcare, such as a certificate or degree, can strengthen your application.
  • Provide evidence of where you’ll be staying in Germany. This could be a rental agreement or a letter from the family stating your accommodation arrangements.
  • Show that you have enough funds to cover your initial expenses in Germany before you start earning a salary.
  • Be prepared to pay the visa application fee.

Job Responsibilities of a Nanny/ Babysitter:

  • Watch over kids and take care of them when their parents aren’t around.
  • Watch over kids when their parents aren’t around and make sure they do everything they need to, like eat, do their homework, play, figure out where they are, etc.
  • Since kids are teens and not babies or toddlers, they can take care of their own cleanliness, but you should watch out for places where they aren’t doing it right.
  • Watch out for the child’s social growth and plan social events for them, like taking them to the park, swimming, karate, or anything else. In the same way, you have to supervise children’s meetings with visitors when their parents aren’t around.
  • Keep your home’s surroundings healthy.
  • Take care of the kids’ mental and emotional health.
  • While the kids are at school, they are doing their laundry and getting their beds ready.

Benefits of Babysitter Jobs in Germany with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

  • Higher Average Salaries/ Negotiate Salary
  • Free Accommodation mostly
  • A residence that includes a private washroom and bedroom.
  • Meals on the job.
  • For business and work-related travel, all expenses are covered by most employers
  • A vast number of job opportunities are available throughout Germany because of the high number of working parents.

Average Salary of a Nanny/ Babysitter

Salaries for nannies or babysitters in Germany can vary based on factors like experience, location, and specific job requirements. On average, hourly rates range from €10 to €15. Visa sponsorship may depend on the employer and their willingness to assist with the necessary documentation. It’s advisable to check with potential employers or use job platforms to find positions that offer visa sponsorship for nanny or babysitter roles in Germany.

Babysitter/ Nanny Jobs in Germany for English -Speaking Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Au Pair Jobs in Germany for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

  • Munich, Germany
  • €400 per month Full Time and Permanent
  • Employer’s description: ” We are a family of four living in Munich in Germany. I am English, my husband is Italian and grew up mainly in Germany and our children speak all three languages. We moved from England to Germany three years ago. We have had many au pairs and are now looking for our next one! We would love to welcome you to our family. Our girls are Sophie -11 and Emily -9 They both attend the European school. Sophie in the English language section and Emily in the Italian language section.”
  • Driving is a must and Free Accommodation
  • Apply Here

Babysitter Jobs in Berlin, Germany for English-speaking Foreigners

  • Berlin, Germany
  • Permanent and Full Time
  • BabysitterJob Available with German Family in Hamburg-Altona
  • Apply Here

How to Apply for More Babysitter Jobs in Germany as a Foreigner / English Speaker?

  • To get a Babysitter Job in Germany as a Foreigner/ English Speaker, you need to plan ahead and be proactive. Here are some things you can do to do well:
  • Look for Babysitter jobs online, go to job fairs, and learn more about the industries that offer part-time work.
  • Personalize your resume. For each part-time job you apply for, change your resume to fit the specific needs of that job.
  • Do research on the company, think of answers to common interview questions, and dress properly.
  • Continue: Send the interviewer a thank-you note or email after each interview to show that you were interested and excited
  • By using these tips, you can make it easier to get a Babysitter/ Nanny Job in Germany as a Foreigner/ English Speaker

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