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Apple Picker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024 (Apply Online)

Apple Picker Jobs in Canada for Foreigners 2024: Every International applicant is welcome from every corner of the world for Apple Picker Jobs in Canada for foreigners (2024). Seasonal work is a common employment option for those who are on seasonal work holidays and want to extend their working holiday visa. It is a great employment opportunity, or maybe a life-changing one, for those who don’t have advanced-level degrees, certifications, and diplomas.

Many readers might be wondering why Canada imports Apple Pickers from other countries. The common reason is that Canada’s youth and current workforce are more inclined towards modern scientific and technical education instead of traditional practices like agriculture. Moreover, Apple farms and gardens are located far away and out of the way from city centers. According to agriculture. Canada, With a production volume of 351,565 metric tons, apples continued to lead the fruit sector in terms of tonnage, accounting for 41.5% of the total production of Canadian fruit in 2021. Keeping in view these huge production figures, one can easily predict the dire need for workers in the apple picking sector.

Obtaining a seasonal work visa or work visa for an apple picking job is not at all lengthy or difficult. You don’t need much qualifications or experience; Submit your CV and apply online by clicking on the link given below. You will receive an offer letter/ job sponsor letter from your employer and he will assist you in obtaining the work visa. Below are the details of apple-picking Jobs in Canada in 2024.

Apple Picker Jobs in Canada for foreigners 2023 (Apply Online)

Job Details:

  • Job title: Apple Picker.
  • Job location: Canada’s rural areas and farms
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Knowledge required: None
  • Age limit: Must be 18 years or older
  • Expected salary: $15-$20
  • Free food: No
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Free transport: No
  • Free Medical Insurance: For the first three months
  • Free ticket: Yes. Airfare included
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes

Job Requirements:

 Simply meet the minimum age requirement, required skills, and other visa prerequisites and you are welcome to join.

  1. Must be 18 years of age and older.
  2. No previous qualifications are required.
  3. No previous experience is required but candidates with a minimum of 6 months of experience would be preferred.
  4. Ability to stand for long hours and be physically fit.
  5. All the documents are needed for the visa.

Job Responsibilities of Apple Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  1. Pick produce apples by hand or use a harvesting machine/ equipment.
  2. Check if any apple is rotten or over-ripened and discard those pieces.
  3. You may also be required to plant them after preparing and irrigating the soil.
  4. You may be asked to water and Fertilize the apples.
  5. Thinning and pruning the crops may be part of your job duty.
  6. Weighing and sorting the apples and preparing them for packaging.
  7. For most employers, pickers are the packers too!

Job Benefits of Apple Picking Jobs in Canada for Foreigners:

  1. Free Accommodation.
  2. Airfare is provided.
  3. Free Medical Insurance for the first three months.
  4. Visa Sponsorship.
  5. Permanent/Long-term employment for the right candidates.
  6. There are many farms/ fields to find seasonal work/jobs with because Canada produces apples on a huge scale.
  7. Excellent employment opportunity for unskilled workers.
  8. Excellent employment opportunity for students/ work visa holders to supplement their income with this side job.
  9. A reason to extend your work visa holidays is to stay more and earn more in Canada.
  10. The wage is good compared to the easy nature of the job.

Average Salary of an Apple Picker/ Fruit Picker in Canada.

The average salary of an Apple Picker or Fruit picker mainly depends upon experience. However, some employers pay you per hour while others pay you according to the number of apples you harvest/ pick. Other factors affecting the salary figures are your location, employer, and your skills. According to ca.talent, The average fruit picker salary in Canada is $28,061 per year or $14.39 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $27,651 per year, while most experienced workers make up to $30,225 per year. So, this ad, asking you to expect a salary between $10-$15 is paying you fairly within the average limit.

How to search for more Apple Picking Jobs in Canada?

Online job-searching websites and online newspapers are good and responsive sources to find Apple Picking Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship. By creating an account and turning on the job alert notifications in any of those job search portals, you regularly get a notification message in your inbox for all the vacancies available in your desired job role and in your desired location. Moreover, you can select the related job roles and keep yourself updated about their upcoming vacancies as well. The Government of Canada’s official job search website, Job Bank Canada, is the prime source any employment in Canada. Whether it is fruit/ vegetable picking or any other highly skilled job role. Here are some useful tips to find more Apple Picking Jobs in Canada:

  • Google Job Bank Canada website.
  • Create an account.
  • Select your desired jobs (you can select 3-5 at the time depending on the job site).
  • Turn on the notification alerts (for further use).
  • Type your keywords for the job search in the search bar.
  • First, try specific ones like ” Apple Picking Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship ” Select any major city of Canada or it’s any famous countryside area in the location bar right beneath the search bar.
  • If you get a few results or not-so-relevant ones, try general search words like “Fruit / Vegetables Picking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship”, “Farm WorkerJobs in Canada for foreigners”, “Agricultural Jobs in Canada for foreigners ”, “Apple Harvesting Jobs in Canada with work sponsor”, etc.
  • Click on your desired job role.
  • Submit the CV and all the required documents.
  • Click on the apply button.
  • Wait for the reply mail

How to Apply?

You can make an account on any online job searching website or online newspapers, login, and submit your CV to apply. For this job ad, click below to apply directly on the ad website:

Visit here To Apply

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