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Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship: This is a great chance for new professionals to get a job in Dubai with the help of a sponsoring company. Join us in making the workforce in Dubai more diverse and lively. Check out the job openings and take the first step toward a rewarding career in this busy city that is known as a “safe haven” for hardworking people who aren’t schooled or experienced.

Recent statistics show that Dubai has over 90 % share of foreigners in its workforce. And that workforce is highly diverse with respect to professions, gender, qualifications, nationalities, etc, because everyone has something to do in the land of skyscrapers.

Depending on the unskilled job, duties, and responsibilities may vary, but they usually include helping with basic tasks and duties, doing manual labor and general cleaning, supporting warehouse or construction activities, helping in kitchens or with food preparation, helping with deliveries and inventory, supporting in retail settings, doing farm work or housekeeping, basic office tasks and administrative support, and following safety rules and instructions.

In this post below, we have discussed all Unskilled Jobs in UAE/ Dubai with Visa Sponsorship in the year 2024, which include Jobs for Females in Dubai/ UAE with Visa, Jobs in UAE/ Dubai for Foreigners No Education, No Experience, etc. Let’s have a look:

Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Details of Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job Title: Unskilled Jobs in UAE / Dubai
  • Experience Level: 0-5 + years
  • Education Level: Just Basic English to Bachelor’s
  • Job Region: Dubai, UAE
  • Nationalities Eligible: Every
  • Eligibility: Everyone M/ F
  • Pay Range: AED 2,500.00 to AED 7,500.00 per month
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: As per UAE Law and exclusively offered by the employer

Visa Requirements of Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

  • A current passport and a copy of it.
  • Photos for passports.
  • A form of ID from Emirates.
  • Permission to enter the country from the Ministry of Labor.
  • The results of a medical test.
  • A real company card copy from the boss.
  • A copy of the business license for the company.
  • All of your immigration paperwork, like your health and criminal records.

Education and Experience Requirements of Unskilled Jobs in UAE for Foreigners with Visa Sponsorship

Some Unskilled Jobs require Education and Experience as well (though on a basic level) like all Unskilled Jobs in Dubai that offer Visa Sponsorship require you to have a command of at least Basic English. Specific job roles like Housekeeper, Retail Associate, Warehouse Assistant, etc, require you to have at least a High School Diploma with Basic English Proficiency ( Additional language command like anyone in Arabic, Russian, or European Languages may be required in Housekeeping) with later two categories demanding Basic Computer Proficiency as well. For good paying jobs, you may need experience of 2-5 years or more depending on what job ad you apply for and what your employer demands.

  • Educational Credentials like High School Diploma Certification
  • English Language proof either in the form of IELTS (if required by the employer) or language skills demonstration in the interview
  • Proof of experience if required

Benefits of Unskilled Jobs in Dubai for Foreigners/ Why Unskilled Jobs in UAE with Visa Sponsorship?

  • Pay ranges from AED 2,500.00 to AED 7,500.00 per month, based on experience and job. For most low-skilled jobs, you don’t need training. If so, only one to two years.
  • bonuses based on performance when they are available.
  • Getting a visa for qualified foreign newcomers.
  • Income is Tax-Free in UAE/ Dubai for Foreigners
  • For most Unskilled Jobs, you need no education and experience but get a Visa Sponsorship in return.
  • Unskilled Jobs like Kitchen Assistants, housekeepers, Waiters/bartenders, cleaners, etc, come up with Free Food and/ or Free Accommodation and/ or Free Transport, etc.
  • There are many Overseas Employment Agencies active in all underdeveloped countries in the world (especially Asians countries) that advertise jobs in UAE/Dubai as there are more Jobs for Foreigners in Dubai and the whole UAE as compared to any other country in the world
  • Living and working in Dubai provides a unique cultural experience. You can fully experience the rich traditions and customs of the United Arab Emirates while also enjoying the modern and urban vibe of the city.
  • Dubai is known for having safe streets, sleek buildings, and a high standard of living. A lot of expats want to move there because it has world-class services, healthcare, and education
  • Even if you start out with a low-skilled job in Dubai’s fast-paced economy and job market, there may be ways to move up in your work. If you work hard, are dedicated, and learn new skills, you can move up in your current job or find other chances.

What Unskilled Jobs are in High Demand in Dubai offering Visa Sponsorship?

  • General Laborer
  • Warehouse Assistant
  • Cleaner
  • Kitchen Helper
  • Delivery Driver
  • Construction Helper
  • Retail Associate
  • Housekeeper/ Maid
  • Junior Chef
  • Office Assistant/ Office Boy
  • Supermarket Staff/ Shop Assistant
  • Packing Helpers
  • Factory Workers/ Production Helpers
  • Truck Driver/ HTV Driver
  • Receptionist

Unskilled Jobs in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship for Foreigners

Nesto Hypermarket Careers with Visa Sponsorship for Unskilled Workers

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Minimum 1-2 years of supermarket work experience in relevant positions
  • Should be able to speak English fluently and knowledge of basic Arabic is a plus point. Proficiency in computer and Microsoft Office applications Knowledge of POS systems and cash counters with a valid Driving License if you want to work as a Delivery Driver
  • Benefits as per UAE Law
  • AED 2000- AED 7000 per month
  • Storekeeper, Cashier, Delivery Driver, Packing Staff, Bike Riders, Accountants and more
  • Apply Here

LuLu Hypermarket Careers in Dubai with Visa Sponsorship

  • Dubai, UAE
  • Junior roles don’t need any experience other expertise-based roles want at least 2-5 years of experience.
  • Excellent Commands of Verbal and Written English
  • Having a Professional Management/ Business/ IT degree is desirable for senior management and IT roles, while High School Diploma is enough for sales staff and other junior roles. Moreover, you are required to have a sound knowledge of the portfolio you are working in. e.g., you should have sound knowledge about electronics goods sale principles and Electronics market Sales Trends in UAE and other respective regions.
  • AED 2500- AED 7500
  • Apply Here
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