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Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Work VISA for Foreigners

Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland: Finland, renowned for its safety, education, and high living standards, is a country that consistently ranks as one of the happiest in the world. If you’re considering working in Finland, there are numerous advantages, and the country is actively seeking skilled individuals to fill job vacancies. This overview provides insights into skill shortage jobs and the process of starting a career in Finland.

Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024 With Work VISA for Foreigners

Scope of Finding Jobs in Finland:

Finland, with a population of 5.5 million, is experiencing a workforce transition due to an aging population. The retirement of a significant number of employees is creating job vacancies, leading to new hiring opportunities. Over 300,000 new hirings were reported in the last few years, indicating a positive job market trend. (Ref: Finland Labour Market Report)

List of Skill Shortage Jobs in Finland 2024:

Based on a recent report by Cedefop, the following occupations are in demand in Finland:

Shortage Occupations:

  1. Teaching staff and researchers
  2. Counseling professionals
  3. Medical staff
  4. Business administration officials
  5. Nurses
  6. Social workers

Surplus Occupations:

  1. The garment industry trades workers
  2. Public relation employees
  3. Secretaries
  4. Surveyors
  5. Sales staff
  6. Architects, structural engineers, and designers
  7. Marketing staff

Work Visa Requirements:

  • Citizens of EEA countries, Nordic countries, EU countries, Australia, Andorra, New Zealand, the Vatican, Japan, or the United States do not require a Finland work visa.
  • Citizens of other countries need to apply for a Finland work visa.

Is Finland Looking for Foreign Workers?

Yes, Finland actively welcomes foreign workers to address its labor needs, and the number of international talents in the country is steadily increasing.

Shortage of Occupations in Finland (2024):

  1. Healthcare assistants
  2. Registered nurses
  3. Social workers
  4. General practitioners
  5. Early childhood educators
  6. Audiologists and speech therapists
  7. Dentists
  8. Home-based personal care workers

Application Process:

  • Identify your qualification/work experience alignment with the shortage occupation list.
  • Apply for jobs in Finland through employment agencies or company websites.
  • If you require a work visa, initiate the visa application process.

Conclusion: Consider exploring job opportunities in Finland, especially if your skills match the shortage of occupations. With a thriving job market and a quality lifestyle, Finland could be your next career destination.

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