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Poland Work VISA for Worker Shortage Jobs 2024 Application Process

The application process for a Poland work visa for jobs with a lack of workers in 2024 is very easy. In 2024, Poland will offer work visas or work permits, which is good news for everyone who wants to get a job. Jobs in Poland with good pay and benefits are in high demand in this country. The Polish government first tells businesses in the country to give jobs to people who live there.

List of Jobs in Poland with a Shortage in 2024

It’s just a doorway or way to get into Poland. But after that, you will look for jobs in this country that need people with your skills. These jobs with a lack of people with the right skills pay well. If he doesn’t have any Polish people who can do that job, the Polish boss will hire you. Here’s a great idea for a job for a skilled worker. 

Types of Work VISAs for Jobs in Poland in 2024

Here are the most important facts about a work visa for Poland. As a job seeker, you will learn a lot from the basics of the Poland work visa. The country of Poland is in Europe. Employees from European countries don’t need a work visa to work in Poland because of this. So, Europeans don’t need a work permit to get a job in Poland, and it’s easy for them to do so. But what about job seekers who are not from this country or Europe? So, in 2024, Poland will offer the following visas to those workers.    

1-Poland Type A Work Permit: If a Polish employer can’t find a good Polish worker for a job opening, he can hire someone from outside of Poland on a Poland Type A Work Permit. So, in Poland, these jobs are called “Shortage occupation jobs.” The pay for these jobs is better than average.

2-Poland Type C/E Work Permit: You need this if you work for a foreign company that also does business in Poland or has a branch there. So, if they move you there, you can apply for Polish work permits of type C or type E. There are also good jobs in these visa groups.

3-Poland NOMAD Freelance VISA

Poland’s solo visa is made for people who work as freelancers and want to live and do business in a cheap way. In Poland, the costs of getting a visa, living there, and running a business are all much lower than in other countries. It’s obvious that if you run your freelancing business from Poland, it will be cheaper and more doable.

Why do you need a work pass to work in Poland?

A work permit in Poland is a valid reason to be able to get a D-type visa and live in Poland. A work pass is not the same as a visa. The work permit is not promised to get a visa. A work pass can only be given out by an official Polish government body.

People from other countries can get a work permit in Poland if they:

  • Visas, except for tourist visas, are issued for the purpose of obtaining asylum (when the case has been started or is in progress).
  • Schengen was made by a country in the area.
  • With the exception of the situations in the next part, have a residence permit.
  • The right to enter a country without a visa, which means that a person could work there based on an understanding between states.

Poland’s package of work permits

  • Giving information on the legal reasons for work immigration
  • Putting together a full set of necessary documents for the applicant based on what the Embassy wants.
  • Seeing if the papers that are given out are legal
  • Instructions, checks, and putting together the whole set of papers
  • Documents that applicants must have
  • Scan a copy of your legal passport (all pages are required by the Ministry of Labor).
  • If you have a high school certificate, scan a copy of it.
  • Fill out your bio or CV with your current address.
  • Names of the father and mother or a birth certificate.

Why a Work Visa for Poland?

  • In Poland, people work an average of 40 hours per week.
  • Europe has an average income of 20,000 Euros per year.
  • In Poland, people with jobs get 26 paid days off every year.
  • Social Security payments are available to people who work abroad.
  • In Poland, there are more than 94,000 open jobs.

It is a great place to live and work in Poland. It has a good standard of living, and compared to other European countries, the cost of living is lower. People are welcome in Poland.

Here are the jobs that people want most in Poland:

  • Engineers Sales staff
  • Drivers
  • Developers of software
  • Health Care Workers People Who Do Manual Work Caterers People Who Give Services
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