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P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024 – Apply Online

P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship 2024: Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited (P&H) is one of the biggest privately-owned Agribusinesses in Canada. This family-owned business is enjoying its 110th year of huge commercial success. Being the biggest Canadian agribusiness, this family-owned entity is amongst Canada’s biggest employers_ Besides employing thousands of Canadian nationals, it is providing livelihood to many deserving international candidates as well as the locals. P&H has employed more than 1,500 workers at over 70 locations. 

Farm jobs are the most popular job roles in the unskilled/low-skilled work category. There are 189,874 farms in all of Canada and it employs 2.1 million people. Canada is the second biggest producer and exporter of beef. So, livestock farm jobs are widely available throughout Canadian territory. Moreover, Canada is famous all over the world for greenhouse Agri production. i.e. fruit and vegetable production, especially strawberries and tomatoes. In this post, you will not only get a complete guideline about securing a job in Canada’s most promising farm sector but doing so in the best Canadian agri company, P&H Farming Ltd. Read on below to find more details and click on the link given in the bottom-most section to apply directly on P&H Farming’s official website.

P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship 2023 - Apply Online

Why choose P&H?

There are two obvious reasons to do so:

  1. Being one of the biggest Agri businesses in Canada, it accepts international applicants by granting them visa sponsorships. Foreign workers are appointed for every role from egg packers and delivery drivers to Management positions.
  2. It introduces a variety of internship programs throughout the year, especially the Summer Internships Programme. There are a lot of paid and volunteer internship programs.
  3. Having customers in 24 countries around the world, it is never short of jobs.
  4. Canadian employers are particularly interested in hiring foreign candidates because they get ready to work for lesser salaries as well.
  5. Foreigners mainly work in operations including grain merchandising, crop inputs, flour milling, and feed mills.

Details of P&H Jobs with Visa Sponsorship.

  • Job title: Farm Jobs.
  • Job country: Canada.
  • Employer’s name: P& H Farming.
  • Who can apply: All nationalities.
  • Expected Minimum Salary: $15.65 per hour.
  • Free Food: No.
  • Free Accommodation: No, but relocation support is provided.
  • Free Transport: No.
  • Free Medical Insurance: Yes.
  • Minimum knowledge: For skilled job roles.
  • Minimum experience: Mandatory for skilled job roles and preferred but not necessary for unskilled job roles.

Benefits of P&H Jobs with Visa sponsorship.

  1. Permanent job opportunity for consistent and hardworking candidates. A permanent job makes you eligible for permanent residence.
  2. Visa Sponsorship.
  3. Relocation Support was provided.
  4. A variety of internship programs are available that lead to full-time jobs.
  5. A variety of skilled and unskilled job roles are available.
  6. Attractive Salary Packages.
  7. Health Insurance is provided.
  8. A very professional learning environment that helps your career growth.

Availaible Jobs at P&H.

Broadly, the jobs at P&H Farming can be divided among farming jobs (especially grain farming), Fruit and vegetable Picking, Packing, Delivery or Transport, Administrative Jobs, and IT jobs. According to the official web page of careers at P&H, here are some of the most popular job roles for foreign applicants:

  1. Egg Packer.
  2. Delivery Driver.
  3. Administrative Assistant.
  4. Crop Inputs Intern.
  5. Warehouse Operator Intern.
  6. CSR.
  7. Administrative and Desk Support Specialist.
  8. Crop Input Manager.
  9. Terminal Manager/ Assistant Terminal Manager.
  10. Elevator Operator.
  11. Equipment Operator.
  12. IT interns.
  13. General Labourer.
  14. Summer Students/ Internees.
  15. Talent Acquisition Specialist.
  16. Facility Assistant/ Senior Facility Assistant.
  17. FX Accountant.
  18. Operations Intern.
  19. Health&Safety Intern.
  20. Truck Driver.
  21. Assistant Head Miller/ Miller.
  22. Cleaner/ Cleaner Intern.
  23. Mill Wright.
  24. Material Handler.
  25. Technical Writing Intern.

Requirements of P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

In order to apply for any job role at P&H, you first have to go through the job requirements properly as every job role has its own set of education and experience requirements. Broadly, we can say that jobs at P&H are divided among internships, unskilled, and skilled job roles; requirements of skilled job roles are different from those of the unskilled ones Here are some easy tips to follow:

  1. Check whether your desired job role has any relevant minimum education requirement or not, e.g., for general labourer jobs there are no minimum education requirements, but for roles like Accountant or Miller you need at least a high school diploma. Similarly, for management roles, you need a proper degree in any one of the Management disciplines.
  2. Unskilled job roles (egg packer, cleaner, general labourer)have mostly no minimum experience required, but experience is always preferred. Semi-skilled job roles (driver, miller, equipment operator, etc) and skilled job roles (Terminal Manager, Technical writer) mostly have minimum Experience requirements of two years.
  3. Internships only have minimum knowledge requirements. You have to hold a proper degree in most cases or an otherwise relevant diploma. Experience is not needed.
  4. If visa sponsorship is available for your selected job (the option is available for job application on the official website) then you don’t need a valid work visa. Otherwise, you have to apply for a work permit on your own.
  5. All documents are necessary for the visa application like a clean criminal record, health checkup, safe driving record, employment letter, sponsorship certificate, etc.
  6. Language proficiency proof (like IELTS) is needed for educated job roles. Otherwise, a good command of basic English is enough.
  7. Excellent customer service skills are needed with a passion for teamwork.

How to apply for P&H Farming Jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship?

The Process to apply is very simple as the online job application form on P&H’s official website is very simplified and to the point. While filling out the form, an entry asks you whether you need visa sponsorship and relocation assistance to Canada. You have to choose between the Yes or No option. As an international applicant, you click on the “Yes” option. You have to follow these two easy steps:

  1. Visit the Careers page of P&H’s official website.
  2. Go through all the available job roles to select the job that suits your qualifications and skill set.
  3. Click on your desired job role and fill out the job application form needed for that particular job.
  4. See the current opportunities on P&H Official Website and apply for your desired job role as soon as possible:

Click here to apply for the Visa-sponsored job roles at P&H

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