Honda CB 150F Price in Pakistan (Features and Specifications)

The engine of the Honda CB 150F 2023 is a 4T SOHC Air Cooled 150cc unit that features a balancer. The bike has a bore and stroke of 57.3 x 57.8 mm, giving it a displacement of 149.2 cm3. It has a 1311-mm wheelbase and a 168-mm ride height. There is a five-speed constant mesh transmission on the motorcycle.

The front suspension on the Honda Cb 150F is a 107 mm Telescopic Fork, and the rear suspension is a 91 mm Swing Arm. The bike has a seat height of 766 mm and a dry weight of 124 kg.

Honda CB 150F Photos

Honda CB 150F Price

In Pakistan, the going rate for a Honda CB 150 F motorcycle is Rs. 447,900. The engine capacity of this motorcycle is 150 cc. This motorcycle can reach a maximum of 17.5 horsepower at 1050 rpm. This bicycle is both electric and kick-start. The bike gets 35 km/l in terms of mileage.

Aspects of the Honda CB 150

Both a kickstart and an electric starter are standard on the Honda CB 150F 2023. The bike’s roller chain final drive makes for a smooth experience.

Model CB 150F

The CB 150F’s sleek and contemporary design is another selling point. The bike has a headlight with LED foglights and a dipper on the front. The bike has a super neodymium magnet key that operates a shutter lock system.

The trip meter, gear indicator, and gas gauge are all built within the speedometer. An aluminum grab rail with a large tail light is located at the bike’s back end. New decorations adorn the fuel tank, and an aerodynamic muffler exhaust is integrated into the garnish.

Taking the CB 150F for a Spin

You can relax and enjoy the ride on the new Honda CB 150F 2023. Rider and passenger comfort have been prioritized with the updated design. The new suspension is robust and can take a beating without breaking a sweat. The bike has sufficient ground clearance to ensure a safe ride.

Mileage on a CB 150F

The Honda CB 150F 2023 is capable of speeds of up to 140 km/h and has an amazing 35 km/l in fuel economy.

Reselling a Honda CB 150F

Honda CB 150F 2023 sales prices in Pakistan are about average.

Alternatives to the Honda CB 150F

The Benelli 150i and Suzuki GS150SE are Honda’s main rivals in the Pakistani market, but the Honda CB 150F is also available there.

These bicycles are all very similar in design. The Suzuki GS 150SE is more manageable thanks to its reduced weight, but it costs significantly more than the Honda CB 150F.

Honda CB 150 F

The CB 150 F has the lowest price tag of all Kawasaki motorcycles sold in Pakistan. CB 150 F aims to appeal to people all around Pakistan. The low and reasonable cost of servicing a CB 150 F contributes to the bike’s widespread popularity.

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