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Home Care/ Health Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland for International Applicants

Homecare/ Home Health Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland and all over the UK are ideal for those who want to work and settle in Northern Ireland or anywhere in the UK, are interested in the healthcare profession but don’t have a high level of medical qualifications, and who have a passion for community welfare and helping old and needy people. The official website of the UK’s government lists many homecare jobs in 2023 for foreigners with visa sponsorship.

Other job search portals like Indeed, A1 Care, etc., also list these jobs with job requirements, eligibility criteria, how to apply, etc. You can apply for the jobs that offer Home Care Jobs in UK for foreigners with Visa Sponsorship and then wait for the job offer. According to a June 2022 report on the House of Commons Health and Social Care Committee’s health and social care workforce, some 475,000 jobs would be created in health and 490,000 workers would be recruited in social care by the early 2030s.

The details and the list of Home Care Jobs in Northern Ireland for International Applicants are given below:

Home Care/ Health Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland for International Applicants

Job Details of Home Care/ Health Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland for International Applicants (2023):

  • Job title: Healthcare Aide/ Homecare Aide/Live-in Healthcare Assistant
  • Minimum age: 21 years
  • Maximum age: not specified
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Sponsoring bodies: UK government and other home office-approved companies
  • Knowledge required: Yes
  • Experience required: Not necessary

Job Duties of a Home Care/ Health Aide:

  1. Support your patients/ clients by performing housekeeping duties, like food making, laundry, and cleaning.
  2. Bathing them.
  3. Dressing them.
  4. Giving them medication.
  5. Give them psychological/ emotional support or spend time with them.
  6. Engaging them in healthy activities.
  7. Miscellaneous home chores.

Why Home Care Jobs in Northern Ireland?

  1. Attractive Salary Package.
  2. An easy pathway to permanent residence in Europe.
  3. Get paid weekly.
  4. New Starter bonus.
  5. Referral bonus.
  6. Free training is provided.
  7. Previous experience is not necessary.
  8. Relocation Job.
  9. Assistance throughout the application process.
  10. Free Accommodation for the first 14 days.
  11. Subsidized stay for first 6 months.

Job Requirements of Home Care/ Healthcare Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland:

As a skilled job role, you need to be qualified up to the level described by UK’s home office. You can take help from any immigration consultant, student visa, or work visa consultant agencies about how to get eligible for Home Care Jobs in Northern Ireland and qualify for visa sponsorship.

  1. Have a degree/diploma in any health, social care, or community health discipline.
  2. By your country’s education standards, you should be a medical professional, like a nurse, paramedic, or healthcare assistant.
  3. Spoken and written English proficiency proof i.e. IELTS with 6 bands score.
  4. 1 or more than one year of experience would be preferred.
  5. Letter of sponsor from your employer who is registered with the UK’s home office.

The average salary of a home care/health care aide in Northern Ireland.

The average salary for a home care worker or health care aide depends upon many factors like education, experience, location, and whether you are a national or foreign applicant. However, the average salary of a healthcare aide in Northern Ireland is between €16,000 and €18,000 a year. The average hourly rate is between €8.50 and €9.50.

Where can I find Visa-sponsored Health Aide Jobs in Northern Ireland?

  1. Indeed
  2. LinkedIn
  4. Campus
  6. Total
  8. Gov.UK
  9. Medacs

How to Apply?

The easiest method nowadays is to do so through an online job search portal. You have to upload all your documents, apply for the job, and wait for the response. In Northern Ireland and all over the UK, most of people seek the help of immigration agents. But if you have a visa sponsorship, you can apply yourself online.

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Other Visa-sponsored Jobs in Northern Ireland.

Apart from these educated job roles, there are also other unskilled/ labour job roles that don’t require much education and can be a golden career chance for many.

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