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File Clerk Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2024

You can start making noises about applying for unskilled jobs in the US with Visa sponsorship now because the US labor market is still highly active. All you have to do is make good use of your internet and apply for any job that interests you in the United States.

Employers in the United States may sponsor a foreign national for an EB-3 visa if they are unable to find a qualified worker in the United States to fill a position requiring unskilled labor.

File Clerk Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorship 2023

U.S. Visa for Low-Skilled Workers (EB-3)

Foreign nationals who wish to enter the United States in the capacity of unskilled laborers should apply for an EB-3 work visa. With the EB-3 Visa program, businesses are able to hire non-U.S. citizens for low- and unskilled jobs.

The US Department of Labor (DOL) issues Permanent Labor Certifications that are required for this visa. After that, the company will file a petition with USCIS (the US Citizenship and Immigration Services). Following USCIS petition approval, an electronic invitation to continue processing will be provided to the foreign national.

Do you know the definition of “Unskilled Jobs?”

Positions in the Unskilled Workforce are those that do not call for any specialized training or education. It takes roughly a month to train an unskilled worker and they make significantly less than their skilled counterparts.

  • Typical Tasks of Low-Skilled Jobs
  • Unskilled labor includes the following occupations:
  • Worker in the stockroom.
  • Laborer in the fields.
  • Cleaner in a hotel.
  • Laborer in the food industry.
  • Someone who works in a factory.
  • Cleaning staff member
  • Examples of Work that Doesn’t Require Any Special Skills

A job is considered unskilled labor if it does not require the employee to use any specialized knowledge, logic, or intelligence in the performance of their duties.

Therefore, Unskilled employment typically does not have any formal education requirements, but a work offer letter is typically required to obtain sponsorship.

Visa Sponsorship for Low-Skilled Work in the United States and How to Apply

If you’re an ambitious immigrant and you’ve been offered an unskilled job in the United States, you can get sponsored to come to the country. Here are some suggestions to think about.

  • To find work in the United States, use LinkedIn and other US-connected social media sites.
  • Create a stellar resume when you find a position of interest, and then send it, along with a cover letter, to a prospective employer in the United States.
  • You will receive an offer letter and visa application instructions if you are selected.
  • After settling on a salary, your prospective employer will submit a sponsorship petition to the US Citizenship and Immigration Service on your behalf.
  • After that, a DOL certification application for the working conditions will be submitted.
  • Further, For immigration purposes, the company will apply for US citizenship.
  • The candidate will be instructed to apply for a visa after the employer has completed their sponsor petition.

Jobs in the United States that Pay Well and Sponsor Visas in 2024

Unskilled laborers are those whose jobs do not require specialized knowledge or training. Positions requiring manual labor, such as packaging, assembly, etc., are filled by unskilled employees.  Here is a list of high-paying, low-skill occupations.

U.S. Businesses Relying on Low-Skilled Labor

Some American businesses have earned a reputation for consistently staffing with highly qualified individuals. Your chances of being sponsored for a visa will increase if you apply for a job at one of these companies. Among these businesses are:

  • Messages from Hood Comm.
  • The Law Offices of Harris Beach PLLC.
  • The University of Rock Valley.
  • It’s called Suny Oswego.
  • Nursing Home Bedford.
  • The McAninch Co.
  • Phil’s Repairs and Remodeling.
  • Construction Products and Materials, Inc.
  • Employed at Nestle.

 Go online to the companies’ main pages and apply for any positions that interest you. If you meet the requirements for the position, the company may sponsor your visa.


When does a worker fall into the category of “unskilled”?

A person is considered unskilled if his level of education is poor (no college degree, no professional qualifications, etc.). Jobs that require neither a specific degree nor a certain set of skills are more likely to be accessible to people with fewer formal credentials.

How does a low-skilled worker qualify for a green card?

For those with less than two years of training or experience in their field, the EB-3 green card for unskilled workers is a permanent immigrant visa that allows for entry into the country. The certification of labor from the Department of Labor is obligatory.

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