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Farm jobs in Germany with visa sponsorship (International Applicants)

Farm jobs in Germany can be exciting and satisfying for people who want a change of pace or the chance to learn something new. With a strong farming industry, there is a need for skilled workers to help with the many tasks that need to be done on farms. Foreign employees in Germany can take advantage of a significant perk: many farm occupations offer visa sponsorship, making it possible for them to work legally in the nation for a set time.

Farm jobs in Germany with visa sponsorship (International Applicants)

Different kinds of farm jobs in Germany 

Germany’s farming business is diverse, and there are many farm jobs for people with other skills and interests. Some of the most popular farm jobs in Germany are:

Seasonal jobs picking fruits and vegetables:

 These jobs are usually open in the spring, summer, and fall and involve picking and packing fruits and vegetables like apples, grapes, and tomatoes.

Taking care of and managing livestock:

Farms that raise animals like cows, pigs, or chickens often have jobs open for people who want to care for the animals and their daily needs.

Third, dairy farming:

Germany’s milk, cheese, and other dairy products are known worldwide for their exceptional quality, and many German farms focus exclusively on this industry.


Germany’s aquaculture business is also growing, with farms raising fish and other seafood for sale.

Other specialized jobs:

 There are also jobs on farms like logging, beekeeping, and greenhouse work. But farm jobs can also be fun, teach you new skills, and allow you to work with others.

Pay for farm workers in Germany

Farm workers in Germany might earn various wages depending on their labor type and the farm they work on. In general, though, farm workers in Germany can expect to make a good wage. In 2022, the average gross hourly income for farm laborers in Germany was €10.61 (about $12.75), according to data from the Federal Employment Agency. This wage could be higher or lower based on where the work is done, what tasks are done, and how much education and experience the worker has.

German Farm Work Visa Requirements

If you are an outside worker who wants to work on a farm in Germany, you will need to meet a few standards to get a visa. These requirements may be a little different based on where you come from and which farm you want to work for, but in general, you will need to:

 Make sure you meet the requirements:

 If you want to work on a farm in Germany, you need to be at least 18 years old and have some college under your belt. Depending on the farm and the area in which you’ll be working, you may additionally need to be fluent in a specific language.

Get a job offer

 It would be best if you had a job offer from a farm in Germany before you can apply for a farm work visa. You can do this through a staffing service or by calling farms directly to ask if they have any openings.

Usually, you’ll have to fill out an application form, bring documents like your ID and proof that you have a job offer, and go through an interview.

 Sign up with the local government:

Once you get to Germany, you need to sign up with the local government within the first three months. That will require you to show proof of where you live and where you work.

Why Working On A Farm In Germany Is A Good Idea?

  • One of the numerous perks of working on a German farm is the generous compensation and benefits packages that are commonplace in the agricultural sector. That can be especially helpful for people working abroad who want to save money.
  • Working on a farm can be a great way to obtain expertise with animals, crops, and agricultural equipment while also allowing you to learn new skills.
  • Thirdly, working on a German farm might give you a rare chance to experience life in a foreign culture and meet people from all walks of life. That can be a great way to learn about a different society and meet people from that area.


To sum up, anyone seeking a change of scenery or the possibility to develop new abilities can consider applying for farm employment in Germany. Germany has a robust agricultural sector and a need for skilled workers, so many farms support visas for people from other countries who want to work there.

But it’s essential to be aware of the difficulties that can come with farm work, like the job’s physical demands, the possibility of language hurdles, and getting used to a new place to live. 

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