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DAILY HEAVY Ufone Internet Offer

  • 500 Social + 75
  • Free MBs
  • Daily
  • Validity
  • Rs.18
  • Including Taxes.
  • *2258#
  • Subscription Code

What is The Subscription code of Daily Heavy internet offer?

The Subscription code for the Daily Heavy internet offer is *2258#

Daily HEAVY Ufone Internet Packages Details: What is included in this Ufone Daily internet package. In this Ufone internet package, you will get 500 MBs for social like youtube, WhatsApp, Facebook. Instagram and plus 75 MB Ufone internet. This Data offer is valid for 1 Day and 24 hours. what is the subscription fee for Daily Heavy internet packages? This offer is in Just 18 Rupee + Tax.

DAILY HEAVY Ufone Internet Offer

Terms & Conditions

  • All prices are inclusive of Taxes.
  • Bucket subscribers will get maximum available speed. Actual Internet speed will depend on multiple factors such as location, time, device, web pages accessed, number of subscribers, etc.
  • All Whatsapp calls will be charged from data bucket resources.
  • All buckets are valid for prepaid customers only.
  • Dial *706# to check the remaining resources of the buckets.
  • All prices are inclusive of taxes.
  • Every session reserves some volume of data to enhance customer experience.
  • Once the data bucket expires, multiple sessions will be charged separately on the default mobile package rate.
  • After the consumption of the offer volume, the internet will remain active and will be charged at default tariff i.e. Rs. 2.75 + Tax per MB at a charging pulse of 512 Kbs. On the usage of 25 MBs, you will get 150 MBs free till midnight, and so on
  • Why I am being charged on 4G/LTE when my mobile data is turned off? What should I do?

Inherent to 4G/LTE technology, the data connection of 4G/LTE subscribers remains established despite data settings being switched off from the handset. However, a very limited volume of the internet is consumed in such a case. So, it is suggested to change network settings to 2G/3G from the handset when turning OFF Mobile Data.

  • General Terms & Conditions for Daily Bundles
  • Fair Usage Policy (FUP) of 500 MBs per day is applicable on social freebies of Daily Light, Daily Heavy, and Special Daily.
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