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Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2023

The next generation of fuel-efficient Daihatsu Cuore will hit the market in 2023. Since 2010, Japanese automaker Daihatsu has been developing a new generation of vehicles that will be released in Pakistan. Daihatsu Cuore’s new model 2023 in Pakistan; we’ll talk about the specs and the expected pricing, but the new features haven’t been officially announced yet because it’s a 660cc Japanese automobile.

The Daihatsu Cuore is available in two modules, with the base model costing PKR 729,000 and the highest tier costing PKR 819,000. Daihatsu, a Japanese manufacturer, has released various versions of their Cuore vehicle, each at a different pricing point. The newest Cuore model is not yet available in Pakistan, so people there must make do with the older version.

Daihatsu Cuore New Model Price in Pakistan 2023

Older models’ pricing is listed below.

  • 7,29,000 for a Daihatsu Cuore CX
  • 7.59,000 Daihatsu Cuore CX Automatic/Manual
  • 7,79,000 Daihatsu Cuore CX CNG
  • 8,19,000 for a Daihatsu Cuore CX ECO A/T

Interior of Daihatsu Cuore

The Daihatsu Cuore 2023 has a comfortable cabin with high-quality seats and cutting-edge safety technology. The SUV-like handling is a result of the car’s 5-speed automatic/manual transmission and rack-and-pinion steering with a hydraulic pump. The Cuore 2023 has space for up to 5 passengers.

Exterior of Daihatsu Cuore

The Cuore 2023 is a subcompact car with aerodynamic exterior styling. Its 13-inch tires offer enough torque, so it can handle Pakistan’s rugged roads. The vehicle is front-engine, rear-wheel drive (FWD), with sweeping headlights styled after eyes and side indicators on either side of the front bumper. The bumpers are body-colored and aerodynamically shaped to prioritize function over visual appeal.

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