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Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorships 2024 (Apply online)

Many people are looking for cleaning jobs on the internet and we have seen some searches about cleaning jobs in the USA we also got good responses in our previous posts about Cleaning jobs visa sponsorship in Australia and Cleaning jobs visa sponsorship in the UK. That is why we have decided to tell our visitors how they can move to the USA for cleaners jobs with visa sponsorship. We will tell you all about how you can get visa sponsorship and where you can find online cleaner jobs in the USA.

There are many cleaning jobs available in the United States, ranging from entry-level positions to more specialized roles. Cleaning jobs can be found in a variety of settings, including commercial offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, and residential homes.

Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorships 2024 (Apply online)

Job Details

  • Country: UNITED STATE
  • Job type: Cleaning jobs
  • Experience Required: No
  • Knowledge Required: No
  • Age Limit: Min 18 Years and max 20 Years
  • Visa Sponsorship: Some companies offer

Benefits Offered:

  • Paid time off in the first year.
  • Competitive Medical Plans
  • Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Dental and Vision Insurance
  • Short-term and Long-term Disability
  • Life Insurance

Average Salary Cleaning Jobs in USA 2024

The average salary for cleaning jobs in the United States varies by the specific job, employer, and location. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average hourly wage for janitors and building cleaners in May 2021 was $15.69. However, wages for cleaning jobs can range from about $10 per hour to entry-level $20 or more per hour. For more specialized or supervisory roles.

Cleaning jobs in urban areas and big cities pay higher wages than those in small towns and rural areas. The type of cleaning being performed can also affect wages, with jobs in hospitals and other healthcare settings typically paying more than other industries.

It’s worth noting that BLS wage data do not include self-employed workers or workers in small, informal businesses, which may be more common in the cleaning industry. Therefore, actual wages earned by workers in cleaning jobs may be higher or lower than BLS estimates.

Who can Apply for Cleaning Jobs in USA with Visa Sponsorships?

In the United States, foreign nationals who are not citizens or permanent residents can apply for cleaning jobs, as long as they have the necessary work permit.

To work in the United States, foreign nationals must obtain a visa that allows them to work legally in the country. There are several types of visas that may allow foreign nationals to work in the U.S., including H-1B visas for certain occupations, L-1 visas for intracompany transfers, and those with exceptional ability or achievement. O-1 visa.

To apply for a work visa, foreign nationals must generally have a job offer from a US employer. The employer must also file a petition on behalf of the employee with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).

How to Apply

To apply for a cleaning job in the United States with visa sponsorship, you will need to follow the same process as applying for any other job. However, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind:

Determine your eligibility for a work visa: To work in the U.S., you must have the necessary work authorization. This usually requires obtaining a work visa. There are several types of visas that may allow you to work in the US, we have covered all types of visas in our “Who Can Apply” section.

Identify companies that sponsor visas: Some companies in the US are willing to sponsor visas for foreign workers. If you are interested in working for a specific company, you can check their website or contact their human resources department to see if they sponsor visas. You can also search online for companies that sponsor visas or use a job search website that includes a filter for visa sponsorship.

Create a resume: A resume is a document that summarizes your education, work experience, and skills. Make sure your resume is well written, easy to read, and highlights any relevant experience you have.

Find job opportunities: Look for cleaning job opportunities that offer visa sponsorship online on job boards such as Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster, or contact local staffing agencies and job placement services. You can also try contacting cleaning companies directly to inquire about job opportunities and visa sponsorships.

Apply for a job: Follow the application instructions provided by the employer. This may include submitting a resume and cover letter, completing an application form, or participating in an interview.

Prepare for the visa process: If you are offered a job with visa sponsorship, the employer will usually file a petition on your behalf with US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). You will need to provide documents and possibly participate in an interview at a US embassy or consulate. It is important to carefully research the requirements and procedures for obtaining a work visa and, if necessary, work with an experienced immigration attorney.

How To Apply With LinkedIn

To apply for cleaning jobs using LinkedIn, you will need to create a LinkedIn profile and follow these steps:

  • Below we have posted the link that helps you to find cleaning jobs on LinkedIn with visa sponsorship.
  • After clicking on the link below you will be taken to the LinkedIn website where you can see the cleaning job listings.
  • Now you can apply for this job by clicking the Apply Now button.

How to apply with Indeed

To apply for cleaning jobs in the United States using, you will need to follow these steps:
Create an account: Go to the website and click the “Sign In” button in the upper right corner. Select “Create Account” and follow the prompts to create a new account.

Search Jobs: Use the search bar at the top of the page to find cleaning jobs in the United States. You can use filters to narrow your search by location, industry, and other criteria.

We’ve posted a link below that takes you directly to a list of cleaner jobs at Then you just need to find the best job that offers you sponsorship and then click on the apply button.

Here are details on how you can apply for cleaner jobs as a foreigner with visa sponsorship in 2024. I hope this post will help you to find cleaners jobs in the USA with visa sponsorship in 2024. It will help to do so. If you have any queries regarding this then you can contact us. Using our WhatsApp group. Our WhatsApp group link is visible at the bottom left of the screen.

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