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Canada Government Jobs for Graduates 2024 With Work VISA

Canada Government Jobs for Graduates 2024 with Work Visa: Today’s article is for fresh graduates and final-year students who will be graduating in the near future and will rush to find a job. Canada is a dream destination for many of us to start a career. This post puts forward very high-paying and permanent jobs sponsored by the Canadian government for fresh graduates. The job securing process is very easy and the application process is online without the requirement of an IELTS or GRE exam.

Canada Government Jobs for Graduates 2023 With Work VISA

Details of Canada Government Jobs for Graduates 2024 with work visa:

  • Job country: Canada
  • Graduating year: 2024- onwards
  • Job type: Skilled Government Jobs
  • Minimum Salary: CAD$30,000
  • Nationalities that can apply: Every nationality
  • Work permit needed: Yes
  • Visa Sponsorship: Available for some job roles
  • Experience needed: No
  • Knowledge needed: Yes

Benefits of Canada Government Jobs for Graduates:

  1. Internationally Competent Salaries.
  2. Depending upon the job, many employers are willing to offer residential facilities.
  3. Canadian Labour Rights.
  4. Subsidized utilities that are completely waived off for senior job roles or most demanded job positions.
  5. Health/ Medical insurance or full coverage of medical expenses.
  6. Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly Bonus plans.
  7. Retirement and Pension Plans.
  8. Employee Long-term and Social benefits and much more.

Can International applicants apply for Government Jobs in Canada? If yes, How?

International applicants can apply for all job categories i.e. unskilled, skilled, private, government, etc. Jobs can be secured in two ways: To apply for a work permit/ work visa on your own or the job offer has a “visa sponsorship” feature. In the case of the latter, you don’t have to apply for the visa on your own. Rather, your employer applies for the work permit on your behalf before the Ministry of Labour. Then, you get eligible for a work visa. It can take anywhere between 3-6 months. For Canadian government jobs, you have to meet certain qualifications, and immigration requirements are met as per their stated standards. 

 As a job-seeking applicant, you first would have to make sure that your qualifications are above or at least meeting the minimum requirements of that particular job posting. When you get your appointment letter, your visa process starts.

Canadian Government Programs for Foreign Graduates:

Canadian Government has many encouraging programs for international/ foreign graduates. The government of Canada’s official job portal Job Bank Canada has a separate category of “foreigner jobs” and “visa sponsorship jobs.” Besides online job search websites, the Canadian government has introduced the following tracks for foreign graduate intake:

  1. Canada Global Talent Stream
  2. Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Program
  3. Canadian Express Entry Program 
  4. Canada Atlantic Immigration Program 

Canadian Government Jobs for Foreign Graduates:

1. IT Graduates Recruitment Program for foreign graduates:

Expected Salary: CAD 80,000-96000.

  • Hiring Body: Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS).
  • Eligible Degrees: 1. IT Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Electrical Engineering Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Network Security Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Data Sciences Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Telecommunications Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Electronics Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Computer Sciences Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Computer Systems Engineering Graduates and Postgraduates.

Click here to apply for the program

2. Indigenous Student Employment Program (ISEP) for Graduate Students

Expected Salary: CAD 30,000 to 50,000.

  • Hiring body: Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).
  • Eligible Degrees: 1. Business Administration Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Economics Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Mass Communication Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Mathematics Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Management Sciences Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • HR Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Project Management Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Data Analytics Graduates and Postgraduates.
  • Business Law Graduates and Postgraduates.

Click here to apply for the program

3. Global Affairs Canada Jobs for Foreign Graduates.

  • Hiring body: Global Affairs Canada.
  • Expected Salary: Varies from one role to another.
  • Eligible Degrees: 1. International Relations Researchers/ Research Associates/ Graduates.
  • Defense and Strategic Studies Researchers/ Research Associates/ Graduates.
  • Immigration Lawyers/ Consultants
  • Climate/ Environment Sciences Researchers/ Graduates.
  • International Law Researchers/ Graduates.
  • Travel and Tourism Researchers/ Graduates.
  • Corporate Law Researchers/ Graduates.

Click here to apply for the program 

4. Agricultural Research Affiliate Program (RAP) Jobs in Canada for Foreign Graduates:

  • Hiring body: Canadian Agriculture and Agri-Food Department.
  • Expected Salary: CAD23- CAD29 per hour.
  • Eligible Degrees: 1. Food Sciences Graduates and Researchers.
  • Animal Sciences/ Biological Sciences Graduates and Researchers.
  • Genetic Engineering Graduates and Researchers.
  • Meat Sciences Graduates and Researchers.
  • Agricultural Engineering Graduates and Researchers.
  • Horticulture Graduates and Researchers.
  • Environmental Sciences Graduates and Researchers.

 Click here to apply for this program 

More Canada Government Jobs for Foreign Graduates.

Click on the link below to find out about more skilled and unskilled job roles :

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