Urfi Javed was seen running on the road Just wearing a bra, she started hiding her face as soon as she saw the camera

Urfi Javed Video: Recently a video of actress Urfi Javed is going viral. In this video, he is seen running on the road. Seeing this video, people are commenting a lot.

Urfi Javed Bikini Video: Urfi Javed remains in the headlines every day. Her photos and videos are rocking on social media. Recently, he shared a video of herself going topless, and seeing this video, the heads of her fans were baffled. These days an old video of Urfi (Urfi Javed Bikini Video) is going viral, in this video, the actress is seen running on the road in short clothes. This look of the actress is creating a lot of sensation on social media. In this video, you can see that the actress is wearing makeup but not wearing her outfit.

Urfi ran on the road

Social media sensation and TV actress Urfi Javed remains in the headlines due to her fashion sense. Because of this, he is often trolled too. Photos and videos of Urfi are dominated on social. But this video of her is becoming very viral. In which she is seen running on the road wearing shorts and a bra. Actually, in this clip, she is seen assaulting the event manager. They reach the wrong location, which makes her angry. And tells the cameraman to at least let them get ready.

Old video

But the cameramen want to capture them in the same way as they are. After which Urfi starts getting angry. She starts running in only a T-shirt and slippers. Urfi tells the paparazzi to wait a bit. On this Papps says, ‘Even if you are ready, I will take it.’ Hearing this, the actress starts running. This video is becoming very viral in the world of Instagram and users are commenting tremendously on it.

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