Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship (Application Process)

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According to recruitment specialists, unskilled workers in Canada need help getting hired. That is because, out of all the options available, a relatively small fraction of Canadian citizens and permanent residents are seriously considering taking advantage of this. Although most of Canada’s job openings are for specialized positions, thousands of low-skilled positions are still available.

In response to a low-skilled labor shortage, Canadian companies offering sponsorship are actively recruiting overseas. Therefore, this is an excellent opportunity for internationals and non-Canadians to find sponsored entry-level work in Canada.

Unskilled Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship (Application Process)

How to Apply for Unskilled Jobs?

Citizens and permanent residents of Canada have an advantage when applying for occupations that don’t require special training or experience. A foreign worker petition is necessary for someone who is neither a Canadian citizen nor a permanent resident. The staffing agency is happy to take over at this point if the post requires a visa sponsor. If this is the case, the Employer shall ensure the employee has a favorable LMIA before sponsoring them for a work visa.

  • The company must cover employees’ visa and travel costs.
  • Note that the top Canadian sponsors are typically international conglomerates.

Unskilled Occupations Checklist

Jobs in the manufacturing sector include helper, assistant, practical nurse, truck driver, cook, chef, housekeeper, washer/cleaner, crop harvester, bakery production worker, receptionist/cashier, and cashier.

Criteria for Entry-Level Employment

  • Foreigners applying for low-skill jobs in Canada must meet the following requirements first.
  • First, you must be a good fit for the job’s specifications.
  • Fluency in English is essential, and French is a definite plus.
  • Third, technical education is required, at the very least.
  • The required age range is (21-39).
  • Passports and other official papers must be valid.

How to Apply for Low-Skilled Jobs in Canada

This article provides a detailed breakdown of the steps required to apply for a job in Canada.

Job In Canada That Will Sponsor Your Immigration

You should know that not all Canadian businesses will provide you with a fully sponsored work visa. But they’ll fill out the (Labor Market Impact Assessment) LMIA application and send it to ESDC (Employment and Social Development Canada) on your behalf.

If you’re set on working in Canada via visa sponsorship, you’ll need to find an employer ready to sponsor your application and help you through the process.

If your firm agrees to sponsor your visa entirely, they may be required to fulfill the following conditions:

  • Provide health insurance for a set amount of time
  • Provide housing assistance
  • Pay for your plane ticket
  • Help you sign up for a provincial workers’ comp plan

Canadian Job Application Procedure

It would be best to learn the ins and outs of landing unskilled work in Canada;

  • Sign up with an international staffing agency.
  • Try browsing Canadian career sites.
  • Contract references should be included on your resume, and you should look into potential employers in Canada.
  • Make sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and current.
  • It would be best to consider applying for jobs in more rural areas.
  • Be able to take video calls from people in other countries

Get A Work Visa Before You Go To Canada

Remember that obtaining a work visa and a job offer in Canada are necessities. Workers in the caregiving, agricultural, and other low-wage sectors are targeted explicitly by the TFWP (Temporary Foreign Worker Program) to alleviate labor shortages. If you’ve been offered a job in Canada, you can apply for a work visa through one of these programs.

Find A Program That Suits You

Many provincial programs allow foreign workers to apply for permanent residency in Canada as unskilled, low-skilled, or semi-skilled workers, provided they meet the requirements of their employment contracts. Different provinces have varying businesses and sectors in need of these people. The Temporary Foreign Worker Program allows foreign nationals to apply to live and work in Canada for a limited time.

Where Can You Find Unskilled Jobs?

You can go to a lot of different places. Included are:

  • Job Bank,
  • Glassdoor,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Indeed.
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