Tullow Oil Calls for Job Applications

Tullow Oil Calls for Job Applications

At Tullow Oil, we think that our workers are the business’s heart and soul. We use our brand and mindset to find and keep good employees.

At Tullow, we offer a wide range of benefits and fair pay.

Tullow puts a lot of importance on growth. As a learning organization, we are always looking for ways to improve our employees’ skills and information.

Work-life balance is important to us because we care not only about the work of our best people but also about their health. Tullow knows this and has formed partnerships with respected health institutions to make sure that our talent gets the best care possible.

Getting people to think and act like entrepreneurs

Encourage diversity: We know that the world is like a small town with people from all over. Tullow hires talented people from more than 20 countries to work with people who live near the exploration areas.

Our Ambition

We’ve heard about emails that say they came from the Tullow Group and try to get people to give them their personal information or money by saying that the Tullow Group will call them about a job offer.

Please know that we will never ask for money in exchange for a job offer or as part of the hiring process. We also don’t send emails to people we don’t know asking for personal information.

Recruitment companies

Tullow Oil is an independent oil and gas company that has been around for a long time and is known for its focus on Africa and South America. The Group has a stake in more than 70 mining and production licenses in 15 different countries.

Our office in Accra, Ghana, wants to hire an HR Advisor on a fixed-term contract that lasts at least until October 2021 and could go longer if needed.

As part of the transformation project team, the HR Advisor will report to the Ghana HR Manager and play a key role in managing the HR workstream, which is important for making sure the organization is fit for its purpose.

The person in this job will work closely with the HR team that is already in place to integrate the HR processes and tools that are already in place so that the project can be finished and BAU can start without any problems.

Apply Now

Visit our job site to see what positions are open right now.

Create an account so you can save a job for later, see your applications, or email a job to a friend.

Set up alerts so you can find out if any jobs that meet your needs are available.

The way Tullow hires people is very open, clear, and fair.  All direct contact with potential candidates comes from real Tullow Oil company email addresses or phone numbers that end in @tullowoil.com, as shown on this website’s “contact us” page

To do this, we offer our employees:

• A culture that rewards success and gets things done.

• A commitment to your own and your career’s growth.

• The chance to make a difference in our business by working with or leading bright, dedicated people in teams.

• A society that values diversity and inclusion and gives everyone the same chances. You should get credit and a prize for how well you did.

Our goal is to bring people to Tullow with whom we can build strong, long-lasting relationships that are good for both sides.

Tullow Oil Calls for Job Applications
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