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Toyota Vitz Price in Pakistan 2023

Even after years on the market, the Toyota Vitz still enjoys a sizable fan base among Pakistani hatchback buyers. The Indus Motor Company Limited-produced vehicle is popular in densely populated areas due to its low price, low environmental impact, and high dependability.

Toyota Vitz Price in Pakistan July 2023

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Since the Toyota Vitz is an imported vehicle with a newly debuted facelift, its price is model-specific and not fixed. In addition, the most recent price of a Toyota Vitz on the market is between 23 and 32 million Indian rupees. This car has been released in a single, more fuel-efficient trim level.

The exterior of the Toyota Vitz 2023

The Toyota Vitz can be had with either three or five doors, the latter being the more common choice. Its adaptability and strong automatic transmission make it a good choice for households. The crystal headlight adds to its sophisticated appearance. The Toyota Vitz’s wide selection of board colors is one of its best features. It comes in a wide range of stunning metallic hues that give the vehicle a sophisticated appearance.

Interior of the Toyota Vitz 2023

The Vitz stands out from the crowd thanks to its striking exterior design and high-tech interior that includes airbags, power lock doors, power steering, power windows, and a sound system. The premium package also has heated front seats, front fog lights, and power-adjustable mirrors.

The Vitz also comes with a satellite radio, climate control, cruise control, and power door mirrors. The hatchback’s soft suspensions contribute to the vehicle’s already pleasant ride quality.

Specs of the Toyota Vitz:

The following are some of the highlights of this vehicle:

  • Front fog lights with a central locking system
  • Tuning the Steering
  • With MP3 and USB Support
  • There are four plugs in the front for an automatic climate control system.
  • Power A/C Door Locks and Knobs in Chrome for Agricultural Use
  • Automatic door locks
  • Fuel Level Indicator and Alarm
  • Inertial Navigation System


Indus Motor Company has released multiple generations of the Vitz, with the most recent being a hybrid model that has been very successful in the market due to its excellent fuel economy. Sales in the millions attest to its widespread acclaim.

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