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Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship (Apply Now)

Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship: Another multi-million dollar opportunity! Another Fruit/ Vegetables Picking Job in Return for Visa Sponsorship. But this time, for Tomatoes Picking! According to Poland’s National Agricultural Database, 236–260 thousand tonnes of field tomatoes and 553–677 thousand tonnes of tomatoes under cover were harvested in the years 2015–2020. Tomatoes are grown in Greenhouses as well. Owing to this giant production level, Poland is importing foreign workers for Tomatoes Picking Jobs. You will get Free Visa, Very Affordable Accommodation, and no experience needed. Read on below to find more about Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa sponsorship.

Requirements of Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship:

  • Job Title: Tomatoes Picking
  • Job Region: Poland
  • Job Schedule: 10 -12 h/day, 6 days per week
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Age Limit: 23-47
  • Expected Salary: 1820-2080. PLN
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

Requirements of Cucumbers Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Candidate should be aged between 23-47.
  2. Experience is not required.
  3. Knowledge is required.
  4. Physical Fitness to stand for long periods of time.

Benefits of Tomatoes Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Visa Sponsorship.
  2. Cheap Accommodation i.e. 100 PLN per person.
  3. No experience is needed.
  4. Health Insurance.

Job Description of a Tomatoes Picker:

  1. Picking tomatoes from the fields and orchards.
  2. Separate the rotten and damaged pieces from the clean ones.
  3. Pack the fruit in the respective cartons.
  4. Label the packages.
  5. Weighing fruit cartons before loading each carton into the truck.
  6. Manually cultivating and pruning tomato plants.
  7. Taking care of orchards like regularly performing weeding, rock picking, hoeing weeds, racking old leaves, loosening the soil around the plants, leveling the earth, etc.
  8. Manually/ By hand thinning tomato bunches from the plants.
  9. Placing bins in the orchard before harvest.
  10. Cleaning orchard.
  11. Repairing / Disposing of old or broken baskets.
  12. Sorting out over-ripened or rotten tomatoes.
  13. Handling ladders up to 60 lbs.
  14. Load picked tomato yield into containers while taking care/ avoiding any possible damage.
  15. Some pickers are also required to drive tractors or other vehicles to deliver fruit and vegetables to the packing shed.
  16. Work in Cold Storage Rooms, Chillers, or Refrigeration facilities to freeze tomatoes as frozen tomatoes are consumed nationally and exported as well.

How to Apply for Tomato Picking Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship?

Candidates can apply by filling out a simple form at Schengen. Work

Click Here to Apply


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