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Today’s Gold Rate in Pakistan – 3 January 2023

Today per tola rate in Pakistan is Rs. 186400.00 Gold price in Pakistan varies according to the global market rates and you can quickly check the price for the respective cities. However, these rates are defined by Pakistan’s bullion markets and gold market.

The price of gold in Pakistan is usually quoted in Pakistani rupees per tola, which is a unit of weight of approximately 11.664 grams. The price of gold can also be quoted in grams or ounces. Below we have listed today’s gold rates in Pakistan in different weights.

Here are Today’s Gold rates in Pakistan

  • 24K Per gram gold rate in Pakistan is: Rs. 15981 PKR
  • 22K Per gram gold rate in Pakistan is: Rs. 14649 PKR
  • 21K Per gram gold rate in Pakistan is: Rs. 13983 PKR
  • 18K Per gram gold rate in Pakistan is: Rs. 11986 PKR

Today’s Pakistani Gold Rate List

24K Gold Rate 1 Gram in PKRRs.15981.00
24K Gold Rate 10 Gram in PKRRs. 159810.00
24K Gold Rate per kg in PKRRs. 15981000
24K Gold Rate per Tola in PKRRs. 186400.00

Gold rates around the world, including in Pakistan, change almost daily. Get updates on today’s gold prices in Pakistan, and get 18-carat, 20-carat, 21-carat, and 22-carat gold prices. These rates are given in Pakistani currency in the form of 1 tola, 1 gram, and 10 grams. Daily live rates are provided by Pakistani local gold markets and bullion markets.

Gold Rate of 24K/22k/21k/18k/12k/10K/6K

Gold PurityPrice/Rate in Pakistani Rupee
1Gram 24K GoldRs. 15981
1Gram 22K GoldRs. 14649
1Gram 21K GoldRs. 13983
1Gram 18K GoldRs. 11986
1Gram 12K GoldRs. 7939

Overall, gold prices in Pakistan are driven by a complex combination of factors, and it can be difficult to predict how they will fluctuate over time. However, gold has a long history of holding its value and is often viewed as a stable investment, making it an attractive option for those looking to diversify their portfolios.

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