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Today Gold rates in Qatar – 17 Dec 2022

Today Gold rates in Qatar - 17 Dec 2022

Last Update Thursday 17 December 2022

Gold Prices in Qatar Daily Latest News On 17th December 2022 we published the daily latest information on gold prices in Qatar with different purity of gold 24K gold, 22 K gold, and 21K gold. Today gold rate per tola in Qatar is 2,564.50 (QAR) and the gold rate per gram in Qatar is QAR 210.50. These gold rates are for 22K gold. If you want to know more about gold rates, follow the table below. We have posted detailed information about gold.

21K Gold Price in Qatar

Gold Purity WeightRates
21k Gold1 Gram195.13 (QAR)
21k Gold1 Tola2,243.94 (QAR)
21k Gold1 Ounce5,531.79 (QAR)

22K Gold Price in Qatar

Gold Purity WeightRates
22k GoldGram204.49 (QAR)
22k GoldTola2,351.65 (QAR)
22k GoldOunce5,797.32 (QAR)
22K Gold Price in Oman

24K Gold Price in Qatar

Gold Purity WeightRates
24k Gold1 Gram 223.00 (QAR)
24k Gold10 Gram2,230.00 (QAR)
24k Gold1 Tola2,564.50 (QAR)
24k Gold1 Ounce6,322.05 (QAR)
24K Gold Price in Oman

All gold prices in Qatar that we have published here on this page are the latest updated on 17th December 2022. Gold prices will change every day so subscribe to us for daily gold price updates.

Gold rates in Qatar Last 6 days

Here is the gold price per tola in Qatar with 3 different types of purity 21K/22K/24K

Friday 17, December 20222,564.50 (QAR)2,351.65 (QAR)2,243.94 (QAR)
Wednesday 15, December 20222,602.41 (QAR)2,386.41 (QAR)2,277.11 (QAR)
Tuesday 14, December 20222,494.43 QAR2,292.05 QAR2,247.6 QAR
Tuesday 13, December 20222,325.36 QAR2,533.08 QAR2,493.08 QAR
Monday 12, December 20222,467.92 QAR2,265.55 QAR2,203.55 QAR
Sunday 11, December 20222,479.79 QAR2,276.45 QAR2,205.20 QAR
Saturday 10, December 20222,476.29 QAR2,273.23 QAR2,223.03 QAR
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