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Today Gold Rate in Pakistan 30 Dec 2022

Gold prices in Pakistan are increasing daily and today 24-carat gold price per tola is Rs.183550.00 and 22K gold price per tola in Pakistan is Rs.168,117. Looking at gold prices in recent days, the price of 24-carat gold in Pakistan on December 26 was Rs 175,900 per tola and the price of 22K gold was around Rs 138,239 per tola. This huge increase in the price of gold in Pakistan has increased the price of gold in Pakistan by about 8 thousand rupees.

Today Gold Rates Live Update

Now here are live gold rates in Pakistan in Defrent karats like 24K, 22K, 21K, 18K, and 12K. Here you can find gold rates as per Sarafa Jewelers Association and International Gold Market.

Gold PurityPer tola Rates
24K Gold rates in PKRRs. 183,400
22K Gold rates in PKRRs. 168,117
21K Gold rates in PKRRs. 160606
18K Gold rates in PKRRs. 137663
12K Gold rates in PKRRs. 91775

Today Gold Prices Today In Some Cities In Pakistan

KarachiRs. 168160
IslamabadRs. 168160
LahoreRs. 168160
MultanRs. 168160
PeshawarRs. 168160

Gold rates can change in minutes and hours. You can check your local jewelery store for the best prices but we have included today’s rates in Pakistan here to give you an idea of today’s gold rates in Pakistan.

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