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Teaching Jobs in Qatar (2023) – Apply Online with Full Details

Are you interested too in Teaching Jobs in Qatar? Qatar is a popular destination for people of every profession wanting to settle in the Middle East. Being one of the richest and most developed countries in the Middle East, it offers a bundle of opportunities for those who want to broaden their career prospects. Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) are the fields in which Arab countries are facing a shortage, both on the practical and academic sides. This shortage is a blessing for engineers, metal workers, electricians, mechanics, and, last but not least, teachers. Qatar’s labour market and educational institutions always have vacancies to fill. That’s why both males and females consider Qatar an ideal option for immigration and job searching. To talk about teachers specifically, Qatar is now on the top of teachers’ search list, because some of the amenities and perks it offers is better than Western Countries. If you want to search for teaching jobs in Qatar, this post is for you! You would find every detail about teaching jobs in Qatar and the UAE, along with the links and contacts of international schools that need foreign teachers. Just click on the “apply now” button and get your desired job role.

Job Roles:

  • Job title: Teacher/ Educator.
  • Country: Qatar.
  • Knowledge required: Yes.
  • Minimum age: 21 years.
  • Experience required: Yes.
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes/No.

How I can be a teacher in Qatar?

All Arab countries have a very low literacy rate in their native population; they are dependent on foreigners in every sector and to run their economies.

As far as how education looks in Qatar and the Arab world, local schools are little to nowhere; rather, they have international schools run by foreign, English-speaking staff. They need IB (International Baccalaureate) qualified or equivalently approved teachers. To have foreigners in great numbers, the requirements levied are pretty simple (nearly the same as system schools in Pakistan). Let’s have a look: 

  • At least four years of a bachelor’s degree (sixteen years of age).
  • 2. A minimum of two years experience in the subject teaching you are applying for Some popular schools may demand five years of experience. Similarly, to teach at the secondary level, you need teaching experience at the secondary level (not the primary level).
  • 3. Having a B.E.D. or M.E.D. degree would be a great plus, as it shows your teaching qualifications, like a PGCE in the UK or a state license in the USA.
  • 4. You need ESOL or TEFL certification in English Language schools and private international schools if you are not a native English speaker. 
  • 5. Digital classroom skills are a must. So, if you have any technical vocational certificates, like a basic computer course or the Digital Classroom Course, etc., they would add to your CV.
  • 6. Language schools, however, differ in their requirements. There are English, as well as, Dutch, French, and German schools in Qatar. They either provide up-to-date international level education to local children or have the expat population, speak that language. They are also attended by professional adults who want to speak English as a second language. To teach English in a language school, you must be a native English Speaker or a national of an English-speaking country. So, a Pakistani English teacher, let’s say, can’t teach in language schools.

Average Salary of a teacher in Qatar.

It mainly depends upon the level you are teaching, your experience, and where are you teaching in Qatar. According to Salary, a teacher earns an average between 7,970 QAR (lowest average) to 30,300 QAR (highest average) Per Year.

Teaching Jobs in Qatar in Indeed.

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Teaching Jobs in Qatar on Naukri

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