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Taxi Driver (Uber and Bolt) Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

Taxi Driver (Uber and Bolt) Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship: Taxi Driving (Uber and Bolt), without a pinch of doubt, is promising and earns you more than many other skilled/ unskilled 9-5 job roles. The role is for a flexible individual who can work on their own initiative. Another great benefit is that this position doesn’t have a fixed salary as long as you will earn a percentage of every job you do. Row estimate working full time 5-6 days/week ≈5000 PLN/month (≈1000$). So, this means that the more you work, the more you earn!

Taxi Driving (or Driving overall) is one of the best careers/ job titles in Romania for people associated with unskilled or Labour Work. According to European Job Days. eu, other than taxi driving, Heavy vehicles, Truck, and Lorry drivers are among the top ten most demanded professions in Romania. Another driving-associated job role in the list of top ten demanded professions is that of Freight handlers/ Dispatchers/ Delivery drivers.

According to, Europe has long been facing a shortage of truck drivers, but the pandemic has dragged these shortage figures to crisis levels. Consequently, all supply chains across Europe (local and continental level) are curtailed due to the delayed shipments and less than before overland transport capacity. Read on below to find more about Taxi Driver (Uber and Bolt) Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship.

Details of Taxi Driver (Uber and Bolt) Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

  • Job title: Taxi Driver (Uber and Bolt)
  • Job Location: Warsaw, Poland
  • Knowledge required: Very Basic
  • Job Schedule: Full Day for six days a week
  • Experience required: Not high
  • Expected Salary: Monthly salary: 5000 PLN (-1000$)
  • Work Schedule: Day shifts, 8-9 hours per day, five days per week
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Employee Benefits: Yes

Requirements of Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship:

  1. Experience is required.
  2. Valid Clean Driving License Class В.
  3. Driving experience from 1 year.
  4. Must be a minimum of 21 years old.
  5. No criminal record certificate
  6. Good attention to detail

Benefits of Taxi Driver Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship

  1. Hostel-like accommodations/rooms are intended for 2-3 people. However, getting a shared/ isolated residence in Poland is never a problem with shared accommodations being very affordable.
  2. Competitive Salary i.e., (≈1000$). Plus, for this job, you are your own boss because you can earn as much as you can by deciding your work schedule by yourself.
  3. Taxi Drivers are needed 24/7, which means you are never short of jobs.
  4. Visa Sponsorship.
  5. Health Insurance.

Job Description of an Uber/ Bolt Driver:

  1. Ensuring to provide an outstanding driving service to customers.
  2. Using Car fleet SKODA FABIA 2018-2020
    2. Ensuring compliance with Road and Safety rules
    3. All orders and routes will arrive on your mobile through the native app. Account activation within 1 day. You must know how to use Google Maps and other online Navigation Apps.

How to Apply for Taxi (Uber and Bolt) Driver Jobs in Poland with Visa Sponsorship:

You can apply directly by filling out a simple form at Schengen. Work

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