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8 Steps – How To Find a Visa Sponsored Job With LinkedIn – A Complete Guideline

Working abroad is a great career opportunity for all of us. Talent is never enough for any country in this fastly growing world and that’s why even developed countries keep looking beyond the borders to find hardworking and deserving professionals. As you need a visa to work in first-world countries like the USA, UK, etc., Many well-known companies offer visa sponsorship to their migrating employees. That’s where online job searching portals like LinkedIn and Indeed play their role. From domestic jobs to high-tech ones, LinkedIn has worked for everyone.

Another great thing is that LinkedIn is not difficult to use. In this article, we have laid out a simple guideline of how to search for visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn. So, if you are looking for Visa Sponsorship Jobs, you can learn how to make your LinkedIn profile, how to use it, and apply here online!

How To Find a Visa Sponsored Job With LinkedIn

What is LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest online platform of professional networking. By February 2022, it had registered 830 million+ members from 200+ countries (Source: Wikipedia). It allows both employers and employees to connect with each other in an online social and professional network through their profiles. Once you have put your CV on your LinkedIn profile, employers from all around the world can invite you to become a connection.

Due to its overseas networking, LinkedIn has attracted many students, job seekers, and business startups who wish to settle and work abroad. While LinkedIn is not very technical to use, still many beginners find it difficult. Let’s find out the correct way to search for visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn:

How to Find Visa Sponsorship Jobs on LinkedIn

1- Open LinkedIn  and sign up for an account 

You sign up for a LinkedIn account using your name, email address, and password. 

2- Build an attractive profile with the main focus on the top box area 

The top box area is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile as it shows your professional bio (profile image, cover image, and professional headline) and creates your first impression of the employer. This section needs your attention the most otherwise the employer would get the impression that you are not what he is looking for and the opportunity would be lost.

3- Choose a formal and professional profile picture 

You should choose a formal photograph that best reflects your professional look. Never upload any casual photo like your WhatsApp or Facebook profile picture. Research shows that people are more likely to open your page if you have a profile picture. Similarly, add a cover photo behind your profile pic and make your page more good-looking. 

4- Add a charming job headline

LinkedIn headline decides whether the audience would notice your ID or not because it is the first thing they read about you. You should use up all available space (220 characters). The LinkedIn headline is just like a resume that tells about your education, job title, years of experience, any achievements, number of projects, etc.

5- Write a short but engaging summary

This is the most basic mistake people make while using LinkedIn- writing long but uninformative paragraphs in the summary section. To catch the employer’s eye, you should write short but comprehensive lines (3 to 4 lines are enough). Here is a list of things to add to your summary section:

  1. Use Bullet points to explain who you are and what your occupation is, your job experience, skills, interests, etc.
  2. Use major keywords of your industry to improve your profile’s search ranking and become visible to employers.
  3. Add your contact details
  4. Don’t hesitate to use images or videos, etc. 

6- Never forget to add a call of action before contact details

An attractive LinkedIn summary always ends with an attractive call to action that makes readers contact you. Examples of effective CTAs are:

” Get more customers and see your business growing.”

” You can reach me anytime.” 

7- Post more content about yourself

A good profile has interesting content like information about your business, brand, your success story, work history, etc. Another great tip is to add images, videos, and status updates. 

8- Use the search function to connect with people

LinkedIn is not only a social networking platform but also a search engine. The search function is LinkedIn’s best feature. It allows you to find any kind of job including visa sponsorship.

UK Visa Sponsorship Jobs on LinkedIn

If you are ready to start looking for visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn then click on the link below and you can then view the list of visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn that are active in the UK.

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USA Visa Sponsorship Jobs on LinkedIn

If you are ready to start looking for visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn then click on the link below and you can then view the list of visa sponsorship jobs on LinkedIn that are active in the USA.

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