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Grilled Food Chef in Qatar 2024, Visa Sponsored – Apply Online

Grilled Food Chef Jobs in Qatar 2024: Is Cooking your passion and you want to settle in Gulf countries? Visa-sponsored Grilled Food Chef Job in Qatar is your pathway to permanent residence in Gulf countries and unlimited career opportunities. Grilled Food Chef Job is an ideal Job for those who are not so educated or who have adopted the commercial cookery profession of their own choice. Qatar is a very well-off country and the people there are financially strong.

That’s why their local population doesn’t go for Chef Jobs and Chefs from all over the world migrate there to fill Chef Job roles. Countries like Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, etc., have a high scope for all types of chefs_ Grilled Food Chefs, Fast Food Chefs, Pastry Chefs, Asian and Indian Cuisine Chefs, and so on. You can apply for the job through an international recruiting company/ Overseas Employment Promoter Corporation through an interview and wait for your selection. As soon as you are selected, your employer sponsors you for the visa through a job reference letter. Some companies also arrange tickets for their employees.

The Grilled Food Chefs Jobs are popular in Qatar because like Sous Chefs Commis Chefs, Kitchen Assistants, Kitchen Staff, Hotel Management Staff, Breakfast Chefs, Extra Chefs, Food Service Supervisors, etc. According to, the following are the total number of international Fast Food Chain outlets in Qatar:

International Food Chain outlets in Qatar have Grilled Food Chef roles:

CharacteristicNumber of food chain outlets
Pizza Hut36
Burger King24
Grilled Food Chef in Qatar 2024, Visa Sponsored

The details and lists of Grilled Food Jobs in Qatar are given below:

Job details:

  • Job title: Grilled Food Chef
  • Age limit: 25-35 years
  • Knowledge required: No but having a professional cookery diploma would be a plus
  • Experience required: At least 5 years of commercial cookery in any Gulf country
  • Hiring body: BMR International
  • Visa Sponsorship: Yes
  • Free food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Language proficiency: Fluent in English and Arabic
  • Mode of Hiring: Test Interview

Companies hiring Grilled Food Chefs Internationally:

There are many Vlogs on YouTube flaunting the tasty BBQ and Grilled dishes in Qatar (especially Shawarma and Kebabs). You can find the most famous BBQ and Grilled Food restaurants on the Internet that offer job vacancies for international Grilled Food Chefs. Here is the list of them:

  1. Lamazani Grill.
  2. Rodizio.
  3. Marriot International.
  4. ItialuS.
  5. Al Nahham Restaurant.
  6. Ramen Restaurant.
  7. PromoQ.
  8. Demi Chef-Family BBQ (Al Samriya Autograph Collection).
  9. Al Sraiya Hospitality – Fiko Restaurant.
  10. HJH.

Average Salary of a Grilled Food Chef:

The average Salary of a Cook depends on many factors, like years of experience, level of job (beginner, mid-career, senior level head chefs), location, and workplace). However, tells that the average salary of a Cook is QAR 4,303 per month on average.

Job Requirements

To get selected by an international hiring agency like BMR International for Grilled Chef Job, the requirements are pretty straightforward:

  1. 5 years experience in commercial cookery in any Gulf country.
  2. Proficiency in English and Arabic (Some companies may demand Matric level education as a must).
  3. Physical fitness to stand for long hours.
  4. Documents needed for the visa include a clean criminal record, medical certificate, job sponsor letter, passport, bank statement, etc.(the recruiting body would enlist all the documents needed).
  5. Good performance in the job interview.

Can I become a grilled food chef in Qatar without any experience?

The simplest answer is no. If you are not demanded 5 years of experience as BMR International does, you would need at least 2 years of experience by every principal. Grilled Food/ BBQ chef is a specialized food category that is not handed over to a novel person. Entry-level positions even need some experience. However, if you don’t have any experience as a grilled food chef, working in other entry-level roles (kitchen porter, kitchen assistant, kitchen volunteer) with senior chefs can be helpful. Similarly, being involved in their cooking process and showing a keen interest in their cooking may land you in a junior cooking role gradually. From there, you can progress upward in your career.

Where can I find Visa-sponsored Grilled Food Chef Jobs in Qatar?

  1. Indeed.
  2. Linkedln.
  3. 1 Qatar Jobs.
  5. Naukri
  7. Caterer
  10. Glassdoor.

How to search for Grilled Food Chef Jobs in Qatar?

Many people fail to get their desired job because they don’t know how to search for their desired job or where to search for them. Here is how to search for Grilled Food Chef Jobs in Qatar:

  1. Go on any online job search portal and type “Grilled Food Chef Jobs” “Grilled Food Chef Jobs for foreigners” or “Grilled Food Chef Jobs in Doha”, etc. You can also search “Grilled Food Chef Jobs with Visa Sponsorship.”
  2. You can also search related terms like “BBQ chef jobs in Qatar, Chef Jobs in Qatar, Cook Jobs in Qatar.
  3. Click on your desired job.
  4. Submit the documents needed.
  5. Wait for the reply and keep checking your mailbox.

How to Apply

Nowadays, people apply through online job search portals/ websites like the one given below:

Click here to apply

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