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General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada LMIA Approved

General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada LMIA Approved: Farm Jobs/ Fruit and Vegetables Picking Jobs are very desirable and coveted ones because they require no special education, experience, or any other qualifications. But, general farm laborer jobs are even easier as they have easier and lighter job duties, and they can be absorbed in any job market. General farm workers are employed on crop, livestock, fruit, vegetables, and dairy farms for farm maintenance, etc. Most commonly, general farm workers are employed as Beef Cattle Farm Workers, Cattle Ranch Laborers, Dairy Farm Workers, Livestock Laborers, and Poultry Farm Workers. This easier job often comes with LMIA (Labor Market Impact Assessment) by Canadian Government, which means ” a license to hire temporary foreign workers by Canadian Government Labor Department.” Let’s plunge into all the necessary details about General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada LMIA Approved.

General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada LMIA Approved

What do we mean by General Farm Laborer?

As the term implies, the general farm laborer is a farm worker who can be employed in any farm, or who is a ‘general worker’ that can join any farm. LMIA terms and conditions, job requirements, job obligations, etc, of a general farm laborer, are the same as that of a Fruit/ Vegetable/ Poultry, or any other farm laborer.

Are education and experience necessary for LMIA approved General Farm Laborer Jobs?

No, education and experience are not needed at all.

What is generally the employment term of a General Farm Laborer?

Seasonal Employment with Full-Time hours i.e. 30 to 36 hours per week.

What is the average salary of a General Farm Laborer in Canada?

The minimum average salary range is $14-17 per hour.

What are the visa options for General Farm Laborers?

Seasonal Agricultural Worker Program (SAWP) is the most common route other than the Level C and D Visa. Your Work Permit cannot exceed 8 months, between January 1st and December 15th of each year under SAWP. SAWP is applicable in the following countries:

  • Mexico
  • Caribbean countries

Other options are Agri Food Pilot Program and The Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot.

What is the age limit for General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada?

You should be a minimum of 18 years of age and a maximum of 35 years of age for a Canadian visa or applying for international exchange programs, Canadian PR. However, to talk about the age limit to work at a General Laborer Farm, employers prefer those workers who are under 45 years of age and more than 18 years old.

What are the benefits of General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada?

  • Job Prospects are vast.
  • There are more than visa routes to choose from.
  • Good per hour salary.
  • Employee Social benefits.
  • Financial benefits like paid overtime, paid holidays, and paid annual leaves.
  • Many employers free accommodation near the workplace.
  • The job contract is extendible if your visa/ stay is extended.

How can we get General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada?

Job Bank Canada, the official job search website of the Canadian government, is the best source to advertise local jobs for local/ permanent residents, and LMIA, Visa Sponsorship, and other jobs for international workers. However, for General Farm Laborer Jobs, there are many other job search portals too. The same is true for other jobs. Following are given the links to some General Farm Laborer Jobs in Canada.

  • Employment Term: Seasonal/ Full-Time.
  • Experience/ Knowledge required: No.
  • Wage Rate: $16.75 hourly.
  • Location: Chilliwack, BC, Canada.
  • Click Here for More Info
  • Job Location: Kelowna, Canada.
  • Employer’s name: Jealous Fruits.
  • Wage Rate: $15.20
  • Employment Term: Seasonal.
  • Click Here for More Info
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