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Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy Family Farms (Apply Online)

Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy Family Farms: The best Job to do in Italy is Farm Working Jobs. Apply for the Italy Farm Working Jobs With Visa Sponsorship 2023. Italy comes in one of the biggest agriculture sectors where they need employers and workers for the Framing Jobs. Shaped like a boot, Italy is a country that regularly features. After the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, they lost a lot of workers. The Govt is now working to fill these vacancies and open the applications for Jobs in Italy for International applicants, workers, and students. The salary range for people working in Italy in Agriculture industry is typically from 1,032.00 EUR (minimum salary) to 2,835.00 EUR. Over 1 million workers contribute to the farming industry in Italy.

In terms of agriculture, Italy is one of the world’s largest producers of olives, and fruit. It has strong Italian brands including automobiles, such as Ferrari and Lamborghini, and fashion designers Gucci, Prada, Versace, and Armani. The Farming Jobs in Italy include Planting, Harvesting, Farming, and Fruit Picking duties This is your great chance to learn the best farming practices directly in Italy. Apply for the Framing Job, by uploading and sending Your CV. And wait for the response from them. If you get an offer letter, the Italian will help with the Invitation letter and then you can apply for the Italy Visa.

Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy Family Farms (Apply Online)

This post has brought to you an unforgettable Fruit Picking Job in Italy i.e. working in the Country Side with a Family Farm with Full Accommodation Support! According to the Job Ad Website, This Family Farm was founded in 1962 with the main focus on fruit production. Owing the great variety of fruits, harvesting continues for about five months, from July to early December. The farm is located 70 km east of Venice and 12 km from the lovely summer resorts of the Adriatic Riviera. Just outside the farm runs the Tagliamento River. Thus, this job is a perfect opportunity for those who love the countryside and want a stable job in Italy. Let’s dig deeper:

Details of Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy Family Farms.

  • Job title: Fruit Picker/ Farm Worker/ Orchard Worker
  • Location: Fruili, Italy
  • Job Focus: Fruit Picking and Orchard Management Learning
  • Employing body: Work away
  • Free Food: Yes
  • Free Accommodation: Yes
  • Visa Support: Yes
  • Languages Spoken: Italian, Spanish, English, and Beginner-level German
  • Employment Benefits: Yes
  • Free Transportation: Yes
  • Maximum no. of hiring: More than two
  • Expected Hours: Maximum 4-5 hours a day, 5 days a week
  • A little more information: Internet Connection is available, Host Family has pets
  • Host Family Members: 6
  • Minimum Stay requested: 2 weeks

Requirements of Fruit Picking Jobs in Italy Family Farms:

  1. Any local and foreigner can join.
  2. Any student/ foreigner can join through a cultural exchange program.
  3. Any applicant who has children with them or staying at a host with children, they are strictly instructed to follow Child Protection Guidelines. These guidelines are also applicable in the case of children with other fellow workers.
  4. Applicants must be fluent speakers of one of these languages: English, Italian, or Spanish. Beginner-level German is also acceptable.

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Activities For Fruit Pickers at Work Away:

  1.  Learning every aspect of running and maintaining an innovative orchard from planting to harvest.
  2. Water Sports.
  3. Biking (Free Bike will be provided).
  4. Hiking.
  5. Farm Host Family’s sons will also share the beach and sports in the nearby summer resort of Lignano.
  6. The host shares a language exchange program. As they are interested in learning new languages, they welcome English, German, and Spanish Speakers. However, interested applicants can contact them directly.
  7. From March to October: Training of young trees will be given.
  8. from May to July: Fruit removal (thinning), summer hand pruning and mechanical pruning, tree training, irrigation, and nutrition management of fruit trees.
  9. From Mid-July to mid-December: fruit harvest, post-harvest pruning, and mechanical pruning, tree training, hail net opening.
  10. Daily monitoring of tree health and planning of all operations.

About the Host Family for Fruit Picker Jobs at Italy Family Farms:

The employer is a family residing in the Italian countryside of Fruili. They own a family farm mainly focused on fruit production. The family consists of two parents, Chiara 58, a piano teacher, Alberto 60, a former researcher agronomist, and their four kids. Their farming setup consists of many fruit orchards like apples, cherries, nectarines, etc. They run their commercial activities with the name of ”Work Away” and their workers are called Work Awayers. The host is trying to achieve the UN Sustainability Goal of Life on the Land. In the last 10 years, Work Away has successfully introduced new pedestrian orchards based on the latest multi-leader tree training forms. Moreover, they use mechanical pruning in 30 ./. of their farmland, which was tested and verified at the Agrarian Institute of S. Michele all Adige (TN) in Trento. Every year many researchers, advisors, and growers (especially students of Istituto Agrario of S. Michele) visit their farm to see innovative techniques in the flesh. , all orchard activities can be performed from the ground without using platforms or ladders. invite students/ jobians / locals/ foreigners from all walks of life to learn orchard-running, and fruit picking, and enjoy the breathtakingly beautiful rivers, summer resorts, beaches, and orchards of Fruili along with many other amazing benefits discussed below:

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Benefits of Fruit Picker Jobs at Italy Family Farms/ Employment Benefits at Workaway:

  1. Learning every aspect of running and maintaining an innovative orchard from planting to harvest.
  2. Enjoying rural life, rivers, beaches, summer resorts, biking, hiking, surfing, and much more.
  3. Free Accommodation with one private room and a common bathroom.
  4. The family will provide you with food and provide an extra kitchen for the youth.
  5. A free bike will be provided.
  6. There are plenty of buses/ local transport available that take applicants to Lignano in 20 minutes or trains to Venice or Trieste (1 hour). 
  7. The family’s boys will also share the beach and sports in the nearby summer resort of Lignano.
  8. You are provided with a stable internet connection.
  9. Another great news for pet lovers is that family owns pets.

How to Apply for Fruit Picking Jobs at Italy Family Farms?

You can get the full information and job details of Fruit Picking Jobs at Italy Family Farms like Working hours, Employment conditions, Employee benefits, and How to Apply.

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