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Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada

Are you ready to experience the beauty of Canada’s agriculture and be part of the seasonal harvest? Fruit picking jobs in Canada offer a unique opportunity to work outdoors, connect with nature, and contribute to the country’s thriving agricultural industry. Here’s a guide to understanding and securing fruit picking jobs in Canada.

Fruit Picking Jobs In Canada

Job Details:

Fruit picking, also known as harvesting or fruit harvesting, involves manually gathering ripe fruits from orchards or fields. Common fruits harvested in Canada include apples, berries, cherries, peaches, and more. The work is often seasonal, aligning with the harvest times for different fruits.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Fruit Selection: Carefully pick ripe fruits while leaving unripe ones on the tree or plant.
  2. Sorting: Sort and pack fruits according to size, quality, and specific criteria.
  3. Field Maintenance: Assist with general field maintenance tasks as needed.
  4. Team Collaboration: Work closely with other harvesters to ensure efficiency.


Fruit picking jobs are typically seasonal, with peak seasons varying for different fruits. For example, apple picking season in Canada usually occurs in late summer to early fall.


  1. Scenic Work Environment: Enjoy working outdoors in picturesque orchards and fields.
  2. Physical Activity: Engage in physical activity while harvesting fruits, promoting a healthy lifestyle.
  3. Team Experience: Build camaraderie with fellow harvesters in a collaborative work setting.
  4. Opportunity to Explore Canada: Many fruit picking jobs are located in regions with stunning landscapes, providing an opportunity to explore different parts of the country.

How to Find Fruit Picking Jobs:

  1. Online Job Portals: Explore online job platforms and agricultural job websites for fruit picking opportunities.
  2. Local Farms: Reach out to local farms directly, as they may advertise job openings on-site or through community channels.
  3. Government Programs: Some provinces have seasonal agriculture worker programs that facilitate the hiring of temporary workers for the harvest season.
  4. Seasonal Employment Agencies: Consider contacting agencies that specialize in connecting workers with seasonal agricultural jobs.
  5. Community Boards: Check community bulletin boards, especially in rural areas, for job postings.

Eligibility and Requirements:

While fruit picking jobs often do not require specific education or experience, certain factors can increase your chances of securing a position:

  1. Physical Fitness: The work can be physically demanding, so being in good physical condition is beneficial.
  2. Availability: Availability during the peak harvest season is crucial.
  3. Work Permit: If you are a foreign worker, ensure you have the necessary work permits and comply with immigration regulations.
  4. Transportation: Having reliable transportation to and from the orchard or farm may be necessary.


Embark on a unique adventure by exploring fruit picking jobs in Canada. Connect with nature, enjoy the camaraderie of a team, and contribute to the country’s agricultural bounty. Keep an eye on job listings, contact local farms, and embrace the seasonal experience of fruit picking in Canada.

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